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Ok I am posting this here because the upcoming episode of The Walking Dead is simply SHOCKING and it might be a Parental Discretion moment.

To give it down and dirty - two little girls are going to die. By human hands, not walkers.

Here is a detailed synopsis:

The episode opens with the dream-like scene we saw in the preview on the talking dead. It is a dream like sequence of Lizzie playing tag with a walker.

The Opening Credits roll.

- It's night time and we see Carol, holding Judith and sitting with Lizzie. They are keeping watch while Tyreese and Mika are sleeping. In the background, we hear Tyreese having a nightmare as he talks in his sleep. Carol and Lizzie talk about this world, how it's changed and what the girls must do now to survive. Carol mentions Sophia, her death, how she didn't have a bad bone in her body. Cut to daylight - the next day, the group is walking the tracks again. Carol and Tyreese discuss the girls, Carol is concerned that Lizzie doesn't really understand how dangerous the walkers are and that she worries more for Mika, repeating what she said about Sophia, that Mika doesn't have a bad bone in her body. The group smells a fire in the distance, the fire started by the cabin that Daryl and Beth burned down but they assume that it's far away.

Tyreese waits with Lizzie and Judith while Carol and Mika go foraging for supplies. Like in the other trailer, Tyreese spots a walker in the distance, stumbling on the tracks. He approaches it. The walker trips on the tracks, losing its legs. Tyreese goes to kill it and Lizzie begs him to stop, saying that sometimes they don't have to kill them because walkers are people too. While Carol and Mika are out, they discuss Sophia. Carol tells her that it's not just walkers Mika has to be prepared for, it's people too, and she warns her there will come a time when she will have to kill someone. Mika says she can't do that, that she'll just run. Carol tells Mika that Sophia ran too, but it wasn't enough to run, she has to be ready to fight. Carol and Mika discover a quaint little house in a grove. It's surrounded by trees with nuts, fruits, and a small fence. The group decides to stay here. While Tyreese and Carol clear the house, the girls stay outside with Judith. They are attacked by a walker, but Mika shoots it. The adults come running out and comfort a hysterical Lizzie. As the group spends quality time at this new house, Tyreese suggests that maybe they could just stay here and not even continue on to Terminus. Mika sees the black smoke of a fire off in the distance, telling Carol that the fire must still be burning cause if it was out, the smoke would be white. They go hunting and try to shoot a deer, but Mika just can't do it. We then see the same opening scene of Lizzie playing tag with the walker, but it no longer has the dream-like hazy quality. It's real and Carol is looking outside when she sees Lizzie playing tag with the walker. Carol rushes out and promptly kills it. Lizzie goes off the deep end and says that killing a walker is the same as killing a person and that the walker just wanted to play with her. Carol and Tyreese are shocked and stunned.

Later, Mika discovers Lizzie back on the tracks with the walker that lost its legs earlier and sees Lizzie feeding the walker a rat. Lizzie tells Mika that she's been thinking about letting the walker bite her so she can be just like them. Walkers, blackened and burned from the fire appear and the girls run. They hurry back to the house and through the fence, but Mika gets stuck. She's almost bitten, but the group saves her and the walkers are killed. Carol compliments Lizzie for protecting the group and killing walkers. Tyreese and Carol walk together and discuss this new world they live in. Tyreese tells Carol he's been having dreams about Karen and that he thinks that the whole world is haunted now. Carol tells him that the dead are all with them now and make them who they are because the whole world is haunted. When Tyreese and Carol return from their walk, they discover Lizzie standing with a bloody knife and blood dripping hands. Mika is dead on the ground. Lizzie tells them that she was making Mika into a walker and Judith was next. Tyreese and Carol try to take the knife away from Lizzie, but she pulls out a gun and holds them at gunpoint! She makes them promise to wait and let Mika turn. Carol agrees, tying Mika up, and then sends Lizzie inside with Tyreese and Judith. After they leave, Carol breaks down sobbing. Later, Tyreese and Carol talk about what needs to be done. Tyreese tells Carol that he found a shoebox full of mice and that Lizzie was feeding the walkers at the prison. He also thinks that Lizzie killed Karen. Carol disagrees, saying that if Lizzie had killed Karen she would have let her turn into a walker. Tyreese and Carol decide that Lizzie can't be around people, she is too dangerous and they both understand what that means. In the morning, as Tyreese watches from the window, Carol and Lizzie walk out to the garden. In the distance, the smoke from the fire is white now indicating it has burned itself out. In a very "Of Mice and Men" moment Lizzie thinks that Carol is upset at her for pulling the gun the day before, but Carol tells her that she isn't. Lizzie cries. Carol, remembering Mika's words to Lizzie when their father had died, tells her to look at the flowers. As Lizzie looks at them, peaceful and content, Carol draws her gun and shoots her to death. Tyreese watch from the window as Carol breaks down again.

The dead sisters are buried beside the dead children of this house in the grove. That night, Carol pushes the gun across the table to Tyreese and tells him that she'd killed Karen to protect her people. Tyreese puts his hand on the gun, gripping it, and Carol tells him to do what he has to do. After a long pause, he asks Carol if it was quick and she says it was. He then tells her that he forgives her, but won't forget because the dead are part of who they are now so they can never forget. In light of what happened, they decide they can't stay at the little house in the grove any more. The next day, they leave, passing the fresh graves of the children, passing the legless walker still trapped on the tracks, and they continue their journey to Terminus. As they walk off the episode ends with a voiceover of Carol giving one of her lessons to the children during their how to use a knife class – apparently Lizzie listened, and was a good student, too good for Mika’s sake....

Below are some screen captures to give you an idea of how dark and intense this episode will be:

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Ok so tonight.... Nobody from team rick dies, but its a veritable smorgasboard of carnage at terminus. Basically tonight the group is going to escape - or more appropriately to be rescued by Carol, and The Hunters will be born. SERIOUS parental judgement advisory on the first 5 min.... We are talking "Holy shit are they gonna show that on TV"...

OK - so heres what we have,... Terminus IS cannibals. Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob are removed from the boxcar and taken to be killed and butchered, Sam - the hippie dude from Indifference is there and is the first to die. (I was right it appears marys injured leg was CUT off not torn by walkers. I would think the termites don't want damaged meat.) Anyway - there is some drama with Gareth regarding the bag rick buried in the woods, and just before Glenn gets his turn for the bash in the head and throat slit, there is a huge explosion outside.

Carol and tyrese are on the train tracks heading for terminus,,,, they go hide from walkers cause tyrese is all fucked up over the events of the grove and now wont kill anything human or walker. Eventually they find a cabin run by a terminus outpost guy. (Basically a herd is coming to terminus because of the shots, but they have a guy stationed elsewhere to shoot off fireworks to draw the herd in another direction. Carol captures him and disguises hersef as a walker and accompanies the herd to terminus where she sees rick et al are prisoners. So she blows up a propane tanker and Terminus is over run by flaming walkers etc. In that creepy room with the candles - carol has a throwdow with mary, gets the backstory on terminus, and eventually feeds her to walkers.

Rick and co free the others in the train car, and rick wants to go finish the termites and nobody else does. They reunite with carol,in the woods, and go back to the cabin where tyrese and Judith are. There is some shit that goes on at the cabin but its unimpressive - more of tyreese being useless and a pussy. Poor widdle negro had to kill someone awwwwwwwwwwwwww. LOL

But the basic gist is - with terminus destroyed and the group on the road, gareth and ther terminus survivors become the hunters persuing the group.

Its a termite and redshirt blood bath. Think "the prison fall" or herscels farm magnified.

By the way - MORGAN comes back after the credits. Apparently he must have finished his mission to "clear" because now hes on the road to terminus but he saw ricks modified "NO sanctuary" sign,,,,,

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Thanks. Now I can watch without alcoholic fortification. They were hinting so heavily that Glenn would die -- the tie-in from the comic, the scene where Gareth is winding up for the swing, the line about how "we've lost three people . . ."

Go Carol! She's becoming the Ripley of this series. Especially now that she's got Judith and her maternal instincts have to be kindled.

I figured they'd bring Morgan back now that they cancelled his series.

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Soooooo on this weeks episode of The Walking Dead.... We have a couple of big things among an anus full of chit chat.

We open up with the group walking away as Terminus burns in the distance. Tara explains to Rick that she didn't know who the governor was etc. The group has lunch, and Carol and Tyrese have a talk about what happened at the prison and with the girls. Michonne kills a walker and carol has a talk with rick about the same stuff. Daryl ad carol have another feel good talk... This episode has a butt ton of feel good talks and clearing of the air.. Meanwhile - SOMETHING IS WATCHING THEM. The next day daryl cant find anything, and bob and sasha are flirting... Then they hear screams and loe and behold they meet father Gabriel. Who brings them back to his church. Rick and carl have the never trust people one second its over talk from the trailer.... THey go on a food run, Rich Gabriel sasha and bob cause father Gabriel knows where there is a stash with a dozen walkers. Carol ad Daryl find a car, glenn Maggie and tara are doing other scavenging. The food bank had a roof leak and is now flooded so they go in the water to scavenge and a walker pulls bob under. its unknown if hes bitten... Theres also a tense moment with Father Gabriel after he ran off after he saw a certain walker he knew.

Back at the church Eugene et al talk about Washington the cure etc, Maggie and tara clear the air about her dad and the governor, rick tells father Gabriel that "these people are my family and ill kill you" line from the trailer after carl saw a "youll burn for this" carved into the front of the church. Bob pretty much has a moment with sasha that seems like his last one and then goes outside. Carol and daryl chase a car marked like the one that snatched beth and BOB is kidnapped while having a breakdown

Bob wakes up and is at a camp fire - WITH GARETH and Martin - who lazy worthless Tyreese did NOT kill at the cabin.... They explain how bob and his people took away their home so now they have to hunt... Bob is missing a leg and Gareth is eating meat and the episode ends with bobs foot being cooked.

In other words - BOB has taken Dale's place in the comic books. Which will make Sasha the new andrea cause in the comics it was Dale who was eaten after being bitten and andrea who was left behind. The episode has a lot of fence mending and back story - like that michonne just found the sword - BUT its profound in that it introduces father Gabriel (Which if true to the comic means those people he locked out and wouldn't give sanctuary to) and it opens up the "Termites are the Hunters" arc . Its also laying the groundwork for where in the world is beth! :)

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Discussing this in here, because some people might not want to know. Too much talking, although we did have to have some things explained. I don't know what's up with Father Gabriel, and I'm content to wait to find out.

As for Bob, it occurs to me that he WAS bitten, based on body language and things he was saying. Especially asking for that second kiss before going outside and breaking into tears. I assume he had planned to go off and die alone. He was limping slightly after the incident in the flooded basement.

How much of Bob did they take off, anyway? It was dark and fleeting in that last scene, and I couldn't see clearly. I hope they all turn, but that would be a waste of good villains.

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I don't know what's up with Father Gabriel, and I'm content to wait to find out.

Char and I are of differening minds on father Gabriel..... She feels that his dirty little secret is that he was banging that church lady - the organist with the glasses in the picture who we saw as a walker. I think he was a complete coward, and he refused to grant sanctuary to his parishoners and locked them out with no food and no shelter - ie he left them for the walkers. Maybe were both right and he left his girlfriend to the walkers.

I assume he had planned to go off and die alone.

Yes - which is the "Dale" storyline from the comics. He was eaten then told them he was bitten.... They beat him and dumped him at the church, provoking a final showdown in which the hunters were beaten and mutilated to death. In the comic we don't know if they turned or not due to the short interval between dropping off dale and shooting glenn, and them being caught and captured.

Hi leg was cut off above the knee.

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Hi leg was cut off above the knee.

Well, that means he's done for regardless of being bitten or not. It was one thing for Herschel to adapt in the refuge of the prison, but Bob wouldn't be able to move fast enough to survive out on the road.

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Well, that means he's done for regardless of being bitten or not.

Well hes done for anyway because they need to pare down the blacks. The show is getting to be a bit dark... In fact its looking like a post apocalyptic rendition of Good Times... As soon as they made Father Gabriel black, and brought Morgan back, I told Char - "Oooooh kaffers is gonna die!" Now - Sascha can't play the Andrea role in so far as I don't see her becoming Ricks pet cooch. So I am thinking perhaps Bob gets killed, and Sascha follows the "Carol" arc from the comic and commits suicide., (In the comic carol was boning Tyrese, and when he ditched her for Micchone she offed herself.) That will pare off two niggers and bring the ratio back to its already artificially high ratio. (I have pointed this out to char - the racial makeup and complete lack of discrimination on the show, is the most implausible thing on it - even more so than the zombies. Even The Governor, who they portrayed as an evil villain, wouldn't dare be a racist. Nope he was an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action dictator with a latino second in command and a black third. LOL Lets make him a national guard murdering torturing sexual abuser who has a zombie daughter in a cage and a fish tank full of severed heads, but by God lets not let people think hes a racist LMFAO. Hell even the Claimers gang was "diverse" which ya know is about right for biker / prison gangs in the deep south. LOL The reality is that a Higgs Bosun would have a longer life expectancy than Michonne, Tyrese, Sascha, Bob, Father Gabriel and Morgan caught out in the woods of rural Georgia at a time when law and order has ceased to exist and the yankee justice dept wont be sending anyone down. Rosita, as a latina wouldn't fare much better but shes hot so she will find a place chained to a tree because shes got an ass much better than a hog. LOL

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I don't know if the presence of black people in Woodbury, etc. indicates a lack of racism as much as it signals pragmatism. I think I'd tolerate the Devil himself in my group if he had the skills to watch my back. Which they mostly do if they're still alive at the time we meet them.

Or else the writers are trying to go against the old trope that the Brutha always gets it first. Or maybe AMC is trying to attract a black audience.

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it signals pragmatism. I think I'd tolerate the Devil himself in my group if he had the skills to watch my back.

LOL Yeah but in reality... it wouldn't work that way. People gravitate towards their own. In a real post apocalyptic situation where there was no law and order, and it wasn't coming back - folks would purge their racial hostilities. I know if I had ricks group come marching into New Woodbury with that whole entourage of dark meat - the niggers would be going to either the gladiatorial arena, or to the lab where I would use them for experiments that would make Joesef Menegele and Dr Shiro Ishii scratch their heads and say "really dude? Don't you think that's a bit much?" LOL As for the spic - Morales would have been neutered, hobbled, and mowing lawns in Woodbury, and Rosita would be handed over to the men in the guard barracks as a little perk. I've seen how it goes in Sierra Leone, when there are no consequences and you are above the law, people have very low tolerance for diversity. Guys would be pissed about losing a poker game or getting a Dear Johan letter and they would go take it out on some kaffer. It was a wonderful life... Fantastic stress relief. LOL

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SOoooooooo Tonight is going to be a "Beth" episode.... Remember how last season they broke from the main group to do character specific episodes - like the Governor on the road as Brian Herriot and staying with Lilly, Tara and Megan? Well he's doing that again this season....

Parental guidance moment - there will be a VERY gory amputation in this episode. With no anesthetic. Were not talking a Herschel in the prison cafeteria cutaway type scene either - this will be BLOODY! There is also a horn dog cop who molests / manhandles Beth.

As for Beth - Lets just say shes not with the Termites, but she isn't much better off. She is at a hospital in Atlanta, and this place is pretty fucked up. Pretty much "evil" and there is a woman cop "Office Dawn Lerner" who has a major attitude problem and an intense dislike for Beth. There are some new characters introduced - including "Noah" - yet another buck negro - who I think is the person daryl brought back to the camp. Carol ends up there, so we know it wasn't carol he brought back...

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who I think is the person daryl brought back to the camp. Carol ends up there, so we know it wasn't carol he brought back...

I think Daryl and Carol find Noah and he tells them about Bet being at the hospital and Carol makes the decision to be taken into the hospital and help Beth escape. Daryl takes Noah back to the church so that everybody can go to Atlanta and help rescue Beth.

What does everybody think happened to Joan that she was having to get her arm amputated? I think the guard Gorman did something to her and she wanted to die rather then go back to him. Beth asks Joan what did he do to you and Joan says something about making a deal with the devil. Gorman also calls her an ungrateful whore and Dawn says that its the wards job to satisfy the guards. Also the doctor isn't willing to give Joan back to Gorman after Gorman made the comment that Beth should have been his (Gorman).

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Two things -- Yeah, I think it's Noah, and either Carol got hurt and captured in the environs of the hospital or Noah told them what a bad scene it was in there. Cue the cavalry!

The other thing is that I must have missed how Joan came to be dead in Dawn's office. I mean, who killed her, when, and why? Did she sneak in there and kill herself to serve as a walking weapon for the next person who came in? Did the doc kill her to save her from the cop and maybe take out Dawn?

I get the feeling that Beth was taking care of herself just fine out on the road and the cop whacked her over the head as future boinking material. Dawn telling Beth she was 'weak' was ridiculous. She didn't know who she was fucking with, but I think, like Gareth, she'll find out.

I loved Anna Gasteyer's quip about the bouncy house made of dead bodies. I said right away that's what broke Noah's fall -- a bunch of gas-filled bellies.

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They sure to roll vehicles a lot on that show. And for anyone who watched the preview of next week on Talking Dead, who is it Daryl is throwing on the pyre?

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So tonight will be a carol and daryl episode... Basically a bottle episode / flashback depicting the events between Carol and Daryl chasing the cross cops the night of the Hunters showdown, and Carol's being wheeled into the hospital.. This is kind of a "youll cum in your pants if your a carol fan" episode (which I am not) ... Three deep talks covering subjects including Sophia, Mika and Lizzie, and the killing and burning of Karen and the other dude back at the prison. Lots of fire and two car crashes. They meet Noah, and of course Carol is captured by the cross cops. Contrary to speculation - she didn't "feign injury to get in. Shes really hurt..

Basically this is laying the groundwork for a penultimate episode of Daryl and Noah going back to tell rick et al where carol and beth are being held, and then the rescue mission as the mid-season finale. Interesting note = we had our beth bottle episode / beth build up AND a Carol episode, so its a safe bet one of them will die in the midseason finale.

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Um, how come Carol just lied her ass off about missing Ed, put on pearls and a sweater set and joined the junior league?

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And here my 30 x 40 blank canvas that I just finished gessoing ...I had someone who used to wash my brushes..... I miss him....

  1. jpg
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Carol is playing coy... She is being the "useless soccermomm" so as not to be considered a security threat. if the group were to turn out to be hostile - step one would be containg the badasses. You know Daryl, Michonne, Rick, Abraham... Carol is positioning herself as the underestimated threat, the overlooked detail. She isnt exactly gonna say "well I burn the flu patients and make the little girls look at the flowers, oh yeah and I also like to blow up the cannibal compound singlehandedly."

By the way - Check this out....


Not exactly very secure as far as Im concened but I LOVE the guantantee. How you gonna collect? LOL


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One more thing that has occurred to me. Deanna mentioned having to exile some people who weren't 'with the program'. She also mentioned an architect husband whom we have not yet seen, even though we've met her asshat son. Is anyone thinking what I 'm thinking?

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Wow -- how about that Carol? I'm glad she was never my babysitter. Would you rather be tied to a tree and left for the walkers or keep our little secret and get cookies? Look at the flowers, kid.

I also predict at least 100 bad Daryl/Aaron slash porn stories posted on Fanfiction Net by the end of tomorrow. "We're both outsiders, wink-wink nudge-nudge."

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