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I'm going to disagree on the sex toy thing, I'll say she bought one from some sleazy party that some bimbo named Heidi hosted and then she named "it" something completely tacky like LUCY, all because her made up boyfriend couldn't get it up. LOL

Funny how you know Sweetie so personally. Guess only you would know, Sybil.

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She's a definite Darwin Award Candidate. When we had kids, there weren't changing tables in bathrooms. Hell, you changed the baby on the tailgate after you opened it up. And we weren't so stupid that we took a bunch of kids and a newborn in a restaurant in the first fucking place.

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I have a posthumous candidate....


Really? You're going to lay out on the drive way? With headphones on so you can't hear the garage door opening or a car being started? What part of that sounds like a good plan? And the sister didn't look back to make sure she wasn't running over anything? I feel bad for the parents, but the global gene pool has just gotten a little stronger.

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I nominate Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston. The fucking bull dyke, who is putting the city PC lockdown. Fat cunt.

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The reason I posted this here is obvious.

Oh, man -- how did I miss this? Poor eyesight, that's how. Anyway, my brother and sister-in-law did this with their two week old baby, right on the table in a restaurant in Dubuque Iowa, where we had stopped to get breakfast on the way to Buns' grandfather's funeral. I was and still am totally cool with breastfeeding in the restaurant booth, but that totally disgusted me.

It was before the days of those folding tables in the restrooms, but still . . .

We did not take our one and only son into a restaurant until he was able to behave himself, even if I had to invoke the trained alligators. We never dined in public with him until he could use utensils without dropping everything on the floor. I don't know what it is with some parents, that they think their rug-rat is the charming center of the universe.

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ROFL You know there are a shocking # of people who don't. That's why I gave up hunting public land in NY. I was at the game management area and some asshole was firing his gun into the ground to empty it cause he didn't know how to unload it.

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Aurora man jumps from van after dropping cigarette, runs over own head

Not sure how much dumber you can get from this but I bet he is there now since he survived.


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