Darwin Award Candidates

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There is the usual list every year. However, we all have a list of folks who qualify. My problem: I have about 30 candidates. ;)

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LOL yeah I know the feeling - and sadly - I sign most of their paychecks lol

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My nominee for today is TXDOT. After driving around Houston I've realized that a complaint I've had for years still holds true; construct now, hire engineer later and then realize how bad you effed up and do the whole damn thing over.

So TXDOT, on 12/12/2012, congratulations. You're a Darwin Award Candidate.

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Yeah I make it a point to drive in Houston proper as little as possible. I try to declare beltway 8 as my "outer limit" if I can. People in the city do not know how to drive, and the place is an engineering nightmare / giant traffic snarl.

I nominate THIS GUY


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I nominate the asshats, who drive in the fast lane between Houston and San Antonio, on I-10. The speed limit is 75 mph. These idiots are in the fast lane going 75 mph. It's the FAST LANE! Pass and get the hell out of my way! I'm wanting to do 82, at least. Bite my ranch grill.

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82 on I-10 is the shoulder not the fastlane lol

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I've actually done that a time or two...okay, maybe double digits. We call it "ridin' the rim." There's Highway 349 between Midland and Lamesa where folks reach speeds of 95 to 110. It's a two-lane highway through cotton fields and is known as the Texas autobahn. That new highway, what is it...130 I think, has nothin' on 349.

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Here's another candidate.... The dumb bitch who shot her brother in the head while they were posing for FB pics, with a handgun, and throwing gang signs, trying to look like badasses..... I hope this means she's going to jail and will no longer have the opportunity to breed....



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Here is one for you
Carron Washington Fed Baby Bleach Because He Thought It Would Help Congestion:

The best part is he is pre-med


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Help me... I'm a Vextard and I can't work the phone. Seven numbers are too much too dial.... three are much easier....I know...911, that's the ticket!! Hey 911, does anyone there have chinky eyes? I need help reading a menu...


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It is removed

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What's removed?

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Good question. I clicked on all of the links just to make sure; things seem to be up to snuff.

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I nominate a certain poster, who I refer to as "Sybil." Based on my calculations:

1. First marriage to a gay.
2. No sex, still a virgin and no sex toys, because having human, adult satisfaction = bad.
3. Not divorced, married Catholic, never annulled, but planning a 'wedding' for at least four years.
4. Definitely going to hell in a hand basket.

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Hear, hear!

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Well, Number 1 is right at least

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Well, Number 1 is right at least

The fact that you knew siobhan was referring to you is hilarity at it's best. The fact that the list is accurate is fucking priceless!

I can add to the list:

5. Lives in a rehab home.
6. Rehab home has disrupted WiFi service.
7. Facility makes "guests" sleep on sheets for three months.
8. No air conditioning in summer, no heat in winter.

Yet, Shittie's delusions carried over here. She could have played well. We would have accepted her if she had. But no. FUCKING LIAR, SHE IS.

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I do not agree with the rehab. I think she is in a home for bi-polar that is really cheap, because she has no family that acknowledges her. So they put her ass in the cheapest place. No one visits her, obviously. I feel sorry for her somewhat, like another poster. But the sympathy goes out the window when she starts weirding out.

Like you stated, RedRaider, she could have had friends here, but she butt fucked the whole thing.

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