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In true whitetrash fashion... there is a new poster on the BTE board "Busch22fan" posting pictures of her kid as billy for halloween.

Now the kid isn't the issue... he's kinda cute actually ... just after trying to find Mildly's new screen name yesterday having Busch22fan post as new poster and being so proud that her/his child wants to be like Billy sent me over the edge this morning (lack of sleep I am sure but still)

Link to this post 04 Nov 11

ROFL Oh that is funny! Yeah if I had a kid who wanted to be like billy I would kick him in the ass so hard that it would take a team of proctologists a week to get my boot out of his ass. THEN I would take him to rehab, and when he got out it would be a direct trip to the airport for deportation to the custody and control of "Opa Hennie" (Charlize's Dad, the Recce Col who isso regimented he makes me seem liberal) Your kid turning out like Billy The Exterminator should be the kind of thing that makes parents wake up screaming at night.

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