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Yeah I know that ya gotta do what ya gotta do.... I mean Im just saying that I personally wouldn't... Pills yes, cause they are easily counted, and can be scheduled - "QID" is 4X Per Day. SOOOO if its 2 pills qid. then three days have elapsed there should be 24 out of the bottle. Ditto for patches. If theres one a day, and you get 7 a week, then there should be 5 left on Tuesday. Liquids, injectables, inhalants, etc no thank you. I use them in an EMS setting - but thats a sealed box, issued to me, used only by me, and turned in by me. If the seal is broken, I aint signing for it. I dont care if it counts out fine, turn it in, and Ill go get a sealed one. To share a "common supply" is asking for trouble, and to share a common supply with lay person family members is in my opinion a level of trust bordering on insanity - UNLESS the plan is to use the layperson as a sacrificial lamb to throw under the bus, ie your count is so bad that ya need to have a patsy handy "in case".

SO - speaking of a level of trust bordering on insanity LOL Seems the Republicans now want congressmen to use "the buddy system" to protect against hooker honeypots. LOL

now urging members to use a “buddy system” to prevent being entrapped by a “honeypot.”

“We feel like it’s appropriate at this time to put everybody on alert there may be people with malintent [sic] that are trying to, for money, try to put us in a situation,” Republican Senate President Wayne Niederhauser said in a meeting with reporters and Senate leadership on Friday

ROFL YES!!!!! BY ALL MEANS! USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM!!!!! Hell that way ya can do "The Shaky H" Actually - maybe you can negotiate a group rate??? Cause - as a former military man and pilot, I can tell you that men NEVER patronize prostitutes unless alone. Ya know like if say "ten naval aviators all pile into a jeepney in Manilla, you KNOW they are going to visit an ancient temple or the botanical gardens cause a bunch of guys would never go to a cathouse together... LOL

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What the fuck??? Trump is selling the ISS???

Doesn't the name kinda preclude that - ya know "INTERNATIONAL space station" Are Russians and the europeans cool with this, or is it gonna be like a bad episode of Threes Company. "Hey Guys, Im your new roommate!"

I mean don't get me wrong. NASA has been tied to this thing for decades, and I definitely see it as a "mature technology" that we should move beyond. HOWEVER - this isn't "ours alone" The Russians and the Eurpean Space Agency have parts of it.... This should be interesting. I'm kinda surprised he isnt proposing to make it a Trump Hotel. LOL

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Hey, Kev, is it a bad sign if your chest rattles at the end of an exhale? Not talking about my mother. I'm talking about me.

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That is a good question, Kev. What happens if we stop funding our share of the ISS? Idon't know, but I guess there's something in the fine print that says we forfeit and have nothing to sell. I'm not ebven a lawyer, and that's how I would set it up if I were any of the 'I's in International.

And wouldn't that be kind of dumb to sell to even a US based private interest who could turn around and sell to ISIS? Are we sure that story is credible?

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I am truly amazed. So, Buns is watching the reboot of One Day At a Time, Norman Lear has updated it by mak8ng it about a Latino family and there are more lesbian jokes. Lame as ever. Anyway, Rita Moreno is playing the 73 year old grandmother. And she looks it, but I remember Rita Moreno from practically my childhood, and I looked up her real age. She's fucking 86! She still has a body that younger women would envy. There is hope for all of us.

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Hey, Kev, is it a bad sign if your chest rattles at the end of an exhale?

Its tough to say without hearing it, but it could be indicative of a number of things - most notably pneumonia, bronchitis, or congestive heart failure / pulmonary edema. Any shortness of breath? Pain? General illness / Malaise? or pitting edema? (Swollen feet / ankles that leave a dent if you push on them?)

That is a good question, Kev. What happens if we stop funding our share of the ISS?

Well it seems that "each partner keeps the part it provides" Which is sort of fucked up, because you could end up with a situation where say Russia wont let the Americans in their part , or europe says you cant use our lab etc. BUT its interesting in that construction started in 1988, and program end of life has already been extended several times. The plan was to bring it down in the pacific, but it appears now trump is going to sell it instead of dispose of it, which means that russia, europe, japan and canada will end up either taking their part and going away, or forfeiting to the new owner, or being forced to extend and man their parts while paying the new owner. See only the Russian and American parts can exist on their own - ie have the power generation, life support, etc. The japanese, canadian, and european parts are "lab modules" and so forth that cant exist without the main thing. So essentially he is "Bending them over the barrel".

And wouldn't that be kind of dumb to sell to even a US based private interest who could turn around and sell to ISIS?

Well ISIS couldn't really afford it, I mean it had operating costs of about 3.5 billion a year... Im thinking the buyer would be a semiconductor manufacturer, or a consortium of big pharma so that they could do reactions in minimal gravity. (Zero gravity doesnt exist there is gravity everywhere even in interstellar space, but what we think of as "zero gravity" has implications for crystal growth, biology, and chemistry that cant be replicated on the planet) A "space station" capability in private hands isn't as dangerous as a private launch vehicle capability. unless they start taking particle beams or high energy lasers up there which Im sure the russians would have some "objections" to. (And since the russians are the only ones armed on the ISS, their objections matter LOL) However, the privatization of the station, will make the research proprietary and the intellectual property of the owner. Which means on the bright side - we will probably get a cure for cancer, but it will be $10,000,000 a dose and only available to people whose first name is "The Exhalted"... We seem to be creating a real world version of "The Umbrella Corporation" of Resident Evil fame.

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remember Rita Moreno from practically my childhood, and I looked up her real age. She's fucking 86! She still has a body that younger women would envy

A lot of those Hollywood types have extremely good taxidermists. Some not so much. I tend to find the opposite extremes. For example - the father from Frasier just died at age 77 and I was like GOD DAMN, I thought he was in his 70s back when the show was being filmed. Or like HOLY SHIT - Lisa Whelchel is only 54??? Nancy McKeon is 51??? SERIOUSLY??? Watching The Facts of Life way back when I never would have thought that I was so close in age to them, and I sure wouldn't have thought "Jo" was a freshman when "Blair" was a Senior.

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I forgot to mention I might have something I caught from my grandson,ossibly the flu. It started with a productive cough that didn't turn to nasal congestion for about thirty-six hours. I've got general malaise and a headache, which is not normal for me. I slept all day Saturday. I thought I'd turned the corner this morning, but then the neadache came back. Definitely not congestive heart failure, but I'm a little worried about pneumonia.

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Oh yeah, if you even think you have pneumonia you need to get checked out and get on an antibiotic. This year is no year to fuck around. Flu / Pneumonia is currently killing 4000 americans a week, 10% of all deaths, and rising.

You should definitely steer clear of your mom. You dont want to pass pneumonia along to her.

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Oh for Christ's sake - just when you think that "journalists" in this country can not possibly get any stupider - Katie Couric unleashes this gem.

“It’s probably not a news flash to tell you the Dutch are really, really good at speed skating… ‘Why are they so good?’ you may be asking yourself,” Couric mused during Friday’s opening ceremony. “Because skating is an important mode of transportation in a city like Amsterdam.”

She said Amsterdam “has lots of canals that can freeze in winter. So, for as long as the canals have existed, the Dutch have skated on them to get from place to place, to race each other and also to have fun.”

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? Did Matt Lauer give her brain damage during buttsex or what??? How does a person that stupid get on TV in any capacity beyond explaining what the tornado sounded like??? Jesus. National embarrassment.

Oh and speaking of national embarrassments - Seen Obama's Portraits yet? I don't know what the fuck it is supposed to be? I think Michelle turned Mexican - cause she aint black any more and looks like Felina from the old Marty Robbins song El Paso. Barrack is dropping a deuce in a field I think? Oh well at least no white people were beheaded like the artists usual work. LOL

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Those portraits are . . . different. People set against wallpaper. Cheap wallpaper. Are those going to hang in the White House?

My mother had a fall yesterday. Tried to get out of bed and it didn't work out. I found her on the floor. Nothing sems broken, and the after hours hospic nurse checked her over. Things atr winding down.

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SO it seems that government is cleaning itself of good for nothing shit skinned leaders.

First Barrack Obama, Then Robert Mugabe, and now Jacob Zuma of South Africa. The tide has turned LOL

Now south africa needs their own Trump. Like a "Donald Terreblanche".

Are those going to hang in the White House?

No the smithsonian, in the hall of presidents. Thats the "official portrait" of the big eared monkey boy.

Yikes, sorry to hear about the fall, but they do that...

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no quiero ver el mono....that's supposed to say I don't want to see the monkey, if I got it right - lol.

Sorry to hear about your mother's fall, Randy :(

So Elon Musk was born in South Africa. There was a Tesla on display at a mall I went to Friday, the Model X. It was awesome, and only 90K ;)

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Yeah, the fall was no big deal other than another step along the road. I got tacit permission to give her the morphine on the schedule rather than PRN, and I'm trying to keep her dozing. I moved my dad's ashes into her room. I may even go into the basement for my siblings. Not logical at all, but it can't hurt.

I'm sorry, but the one of Obama is a damned ugly painting. The one of Michelle is pretty, but it's the kind of stylized stuff you see teens doing on DeviantArt in digital media. Those other paintings by that guy of black women'Judith'and Holfernes looking like a white woman are deeply disturbing. Enoough to Red-pill every white liberal who has at least two brain cells.

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Joy - yes that was right, and yes indeed the two richest peeps in LA are South Africans Elon Mush and some asian dude named Patrick Soon-Shiong (Hes a transplant surgeon who invented a cancer drug).

are deeply disturbing. Enoough to Red-pill every white liberal who has at least two brain cells.

Yeah it is kind of Ironic that Obongo chose a painter who could do the recruiting posters for ISIS. Nothing says "equality" and "great uniter" like SheBoon groids holding the severed heads of white women. Now we see that I was right all along....

SO - the #MeToo crap is reaching the point of hilarity. First of all - because # is POUND not "Hashtag" SO the phrase literally says "POUND ME TOO!". BUT there is now this:

the disgraced publicist offered fans meet-and-greets with the superstar singer in exchange for oral sex. Parton's manager and record label did not return repeated requests for comment about Webster allegedly using her name in exchange for sexual favors. Stella Parton said she was "appalled" to learn Webster had been "using his association with my sister to get sexual gratification for himself."

OH MY GOD SAY IT AINT SOOOOOOOOO! YOU MEAN IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY THERE ARE GUYS WHO WILL LET YA COME BACKSTAGE AND MEET THE BAND IF YOU SUCK THEIR COCKS???? NOOOOOOO - I DONT BELIEVE IT!!!! NEXT THING YA KNOW THEY ARE GONNA BE SAYING THAT THERE ARE GUYS WHO BRING TEENAGE GIRLS TO THE DRESSING ROOM OR ON THE TOUR BUS... Holy SHIT, if only there were a name for this kind of phenomena. Maybe something beginning with a "G",,,, I gotta say, this PoundMeToo movement is groundbreaking. They discovered "groupies" and it only took them like 70 years! Damn are they gonna be surprised when they find our what The Doors and Jimmi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones were up to. ROFL If the PoundMeToo crowd is stunned by what happens at Dolly Parton concerns wait till they discover The Grateful Dead, and The Insane Clown Posse. Juggalos should leave them catatonic...

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These little candy assed faggots from this school shooting piss me the fuck off. There parents should put them out on the street like stray cats for being fucking worthless cowards.

"And I saw two girls and a teacher laying in the hallway and there was blood and I think they may have been dead!!!!!"

YOU THINK???? You THINK you worthless sniveling faggot??? You mean you didnt CHECK FOR A PULSE? You didn't grab them and drag them out with you? I mean HELLO - even if they are fucking dead "NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND". WHAT THE FUCK IS SO HARD TO GRASP ABOUT THAT???? NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND. Even if they are dead, Im sure the parents would rather know they were dragged or carried to paramedics and died in the back of an ambulance or in an emergency room surrounded by people who did everything they could instead of bleeding out alone on a filthy floor.

It takes TWO MINUTES to learn multiple types casualty carries. TWO MINUTES. And ya never know when you will need them - maybe in an office building on one crisp september morning, or if your watching a marathon, or if your at a christmas party, or a pop concert, or a music festival, or if maybe god's just pissed off that day and a tornado hits the trailer park. So maybe we should drop the "Niggers Invented Peanutbutter" training, and instead teach emergency first aid, casualty evacuation, movement under fire, use of cover and concealment, etc.

Which brings to mind another issue. This HIGH SCHOOL had 3000 students. If only 10% of them were in the guard and reserve, there would have been three hundred trained soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, or coast guardsmen in that building. For some strange reason Isreali high schools don't get shot up...

But noooooo - they hide in fucking closets, post to instagram, and tweet pictures of their fucking dead friends and teachers they don't even try to help. Disgusting. There is no excuse for this shit, I mean half of this student body is the same age as the guys who stormed the beach at Normandy, fought their way up Mount Sirabachi , and hopped off helicopters in Vietnam. Once upon a time, before liberals turned teenage boys into beta male cucks , they used to stop and help their wounded buddies even if they had to carry them all the way to a batallion aid station on their backs.

General Kelly should order any survivor who failed to render aid to be shot for cowardice. Come out leading others to safety, come out carrying wounded, or come out in a bag! DON'T come out empty handed and wet pants scared, then go on national TV and show the entire country what a candy assed cowardly faggot pussy your parents raised. UGGGGGH

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Joy - I don't think Cruz is a DACA case. My guess with the Russian spelling and the last name Cruz and the geographic location - is that hes a Cuban. They arent DACA, because until the very end of Obama they had that weird ass wet foot dry foot thing going on. Essentially - the second a cuban's foot touched US soil they got a green card and full legal status. The only way to deport them was to catch them at sea, once they got one foot on the beach they are here to stay. Obama cancelled it on his way out the door as a slap at Rubio and Cruz, and to punish the cuban population for voting republican. (Cubans usually vote republican as they want no part of liberal / socialist crap for obvious reasons),_dry_feet_policy

The other flavors of hispanics don't get the same and ended up on DACA.

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Ahhhh. Another history lesson for me - lol. It's been reported that he was adopted, but he's still probably Cuban.

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SOOOoooo Seems the Japanese have a new toy out..... Its for building empowerment and self esteem among girls. Char thought I might like this. I do. You will too. LOL

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