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HUGE Walking Dead Spoikers Below. YUGE.

This is a kingdom bottle episode.. ALL of the Kingdom troops - with the exception of King Ezekiel, Jerry the Huge Samoan, and Carol are killed. Ezekiel is badly wounded in his leg and can't even stand / walk. We are talking MASSIVE carnage. Basically those 50 caliber machine guns rick and daryl's group were looking for - well the King and his men just walked right into them and we are talking MAJOR CARNAGE / Mass slaughter. (You KNEW that had to be coming - since he kept bragging and bragging and bragging about not sustaining a single casualty... Thats like a guy in a war movie showing ya a picture of his Corvette and his girlfriend and telling ya he is going home tommorrow LOL) Of course Carol kills all but two of the saviors, but she has to let them go to save E and Jerry. (There is an intermediary scene where a Savior tells E how hes no king, hes a fake, etc... Jerry comes along and LITERALLY chops this dude in half. Towards the end of the episode - e, jerry, and carol are making their escape when they get surrounded by walkers. Now ready for this THE FUCKING TIGER DIES! YES YES YES A thousand YES. This episode we get rid of the fucking absurd "Kingdom" , AND the bad CGI of Jerry's Battle Axe, AND the stupid fucking tiger! Instead we are left with a broken nigger - who has nothing left in his "kingdom" but Jerry and Women and Children, and he can't even address them because everyones dead. In the only "non kingdom" part of the episode - one little scene with Rick and Daryl. Rick and Daryl shoot the two surviving saviors, and take the guns.

I am SOOOO Happy by this turn of events because to me the idea of that Shakespearean spouting nigger with a tiger exceeded my ability to suspend disbelief. I mean WHO WOULD FOLLOW THAT LUNATIC? If I was in the zombie apocalypse I would have put a bullet in that fucking spook before he finished his first speech and we would be having grilled tiger for dinner. Aint nobody got time for that shit. If there are cannibal corpses at the fence wanting to gnaw on my nut sack and a giant fucking herd of "saviors" and "wolves" and "termites" and miscellaneous and assorted crazies out there I am NOT gonna fuck around with some crazy nigger who thinks hes at the Renaissance Festival. I sure as fuck aint gonna tolerate some god damn pet that needs 25 pounds of fresh meat a day. Fuck that, there are enough apex carnivores OUTSIDE the fence, I sure as fuck wont have one inside too.

So - no more tiger. No more kingdom, and presumably no more annoying speeches from "The King" ... Maybe even no more King because he is badly wounded, though he probably wont die from a leg wound in TWD's medical fantasy land. In reality a leg hit with a 50 BMG would probably have been instantly fatal, and at the very least an amputation. Anyway - GOOD EPISODE. One of my major pet peeves has been resolved. Now if we can do something about Carl (Midseason Finale?) Make Carol less lethal than Seal Team 6 and Delta Force combined, and kill off Micchone, Ill be a happy viewer again... LOL

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WOW and now ANOTHER ONE - Anthony Edwards says he was molested by producer Gary Goddard


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I've been doing my own research and am shocked to discover that Apartheid as a legal issue was only one year older than me and didn't last as long. I have a rather foggy view of the historybof the area, as to who really got there first and the basisbof the ongoing racial disharmony, along with the reason the Boertrekkers moved inland when the cape area fell under British rule. Trust me that we are not taught this in American schools unless we're studying hustory at the post-graduate levels.

All I know is what I read in the papers in my younger days. Many of the names are familiar to me, but I don't know the why of it.

The irony of it is that the Black Separatists I watch on Youtube ars espousing the same system of Apartheid you guys put into position in 1948, only they want a lot more land than the various tribal nations got.

So tell me from the South African Boer perspective why the already de jure segregation was seen as a wise thing to enact into law at the time? I have the feeling that the situation is analogous to Isreal in the same year, with the Israelis getting the shitty land. And Great britain being the same supercilisous, obstructive pissants that they were over the Palestinian Mandate.

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I hear that Shiva died in the comic books while saving Ezekiel, so I've been bracing. As for Ezekiel, he has discovered a way of leading by using human nature.Give them a rousing speech and a fairytale to believe in, and people will do anything for you. Hitler knew this well, and he patterned himself on the Catholic Church, ehich tells the prettiest fairytale of them all with kich-ass pageantry. I approve of Ezekiel. Kings like that die old and beloved rather than being taken down by revolution when some even scarier guy comes along.

As for Michonne and Carl dying, didn't we see them both at the beginning scenes with Old Man Rick? That's like five years later. Carl may be played by a different actor, because we don't see his face, but it was Carl. Michonne was looking great because black don't crack, I guess.

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I approve of Ezekiel. Kings like that die old and beloved

He would have died in under a minute if I walked into camp. Honestly, I cant IMAGINE why a military man like Richard would have followed such a pontificating blowhard.

I mean dont get me wrong - I would shoot him JUST because he is a nigger. Once I knew the courts no longer existed and there was no such thing anymore as the "Civil Rights Division" it would be open fucking season. There would BE no Michonne, Bob Stookey, Father Gabriel, Tyrese, Sasha etc in my zombie apocalypse. And realistically - thats the reality of how it would go down. Racism is the NORMAL human condition. You don't find "post racial societies" outside the wet dreams of delusional liberals. Doesn't matter whether its "White Flight" from a neighborhood, or if its prisoners self segregating and forming race based prison gangs, left to evolve organically - without liberal retardation such as "integration" and "affirmative action" people naturally stratify along racial lines. The Walking Dead is fantasy land - even the villains are "diverse". The Governor had Morales and Shumpert as second and third? NOT HAPPENING. Not in rural georgia. Ditto for Fear, gimme a fucking break - I would waste those prairie niggers on the first night. Common sense dictates that if they have been fighting you in court for THIRTY YEARS and losing, they arent gonna give up when court is closed permanently cause the judge is now eating brains. Go waste them, cut their throats as they sleep, BEFORE they cut yours. Look how well Madisons "Kumbaya Integration Project" worked... Troy was right. The indians took over and the ranchers were effectively prisoners. Screw that!

But even if he were white I wouldn't tolerate Ezekiel and his Ren Fair / SCA nonsense. This is survival not LRP games.

As for Ezekiel, he has discovered a way of leading by using human nature.Give them a rousing speech and a fairytale to believe in, and people will do anything for you. Hitler knew this well

He was / is a delusional con artist who's overly rich fantasy life led almost all of his people to their deaths. Unlike Ezekiel - Hitler was a brilliant leader who knew his limitations and delegated the operation details to highly skilled professional military officers. Hitler didn't personally lead his men to a wide open field in front of an allied stronghold and then deliver a speech while his bunched up men stood around playing with their balls. Frankly - even a national guard private assigned to be a cook would have been through AIT (Advanced Infantry Training) and would have been a better leader than Ezekiel. He would have known - space yourself out, stagger yourselves, make yourself small, cover and concealment, own the high ground, and most importantly "a building ain't clear until you clear it from basement to rooftop and YOUR designated marksmen have taken up overwatch. Forget the M-2 Browning 50 cal. One guy with a deer rifle in that building could have ruined your whole fucking day.

This is EXACTLY why one of my first actions would have been to frag his ass. Put one in his brain case and he wont be doing stupid shit like that which gets people killed. Combat is serious shit, its not a role play game. When you go out on the two way range, you need a leader with a brain, not a delusion of grandeur. No fucking way would I have followed him.... For that matter I would frag Rick too....

As for Michonne and Carl dying, didn't we see them both at the beginning scenes with Old Man Rick? That's like five years later.

There is a widely held belief that was a "dream sequence" like Gimples "Dinner With Glen and Abraham and their children" or Sasha's life with Abraham... Hes done it several times before. There were some now deleted social media posts in which chandler rigs dad announced the completion of their contract even using #Freedom. There is a scene in the midseason finale involving rick and micchone screaming. Carl has not been seen filming any outside scenes past the midseason finale. in which he was spotted with a blood soaked shirt, struggled with someone on the ground. So the prevailing logic is that "ricks eyes are red in that flashback" because hes crying about losing carl and that the "carl / judith / micchome" sequence was another "if only they hadn't died" dream sequence like the Glenn and Abraham family dinner or Sasha and Abraham relationship. Personally I SUSPECT this is true, and it will be handled with "we dont know who" in the mid season finale... Ie they set up several possibles - say Carl, Daryl, Maggie etc then have micchone and rick scream and end it there.... then in the second half premier we learn its Carl. As for Miccone, shes still around - her dying is wishful thinking on my part, but as far as Im concerned Id say about 80 - 85% probability Carl dies in the finale.

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So tell me from the South African Boer perspective why the already de jure segregation was seen as a wise thing to enact into law at the time?

It really didn't. It had been around much longer than that in a series of smaller laws. Since the 18th century there was dutch laws about slavery, and the rights and treatment of slaves. By 1900 the british had enacted some very strict segregation laws banning non-white ownership of property, The Dutch reformed church at the time was whites only, and the APK (Afrikaanse Protestant Kerk) which char and I are didnt rise until the Netherlands ordered integration of the dutch reformed church, which was constitutionally impossible in South Africa at the time. Basically it was a bunch of existing laws, mostly british, which the ruling National Party consolidated and codified when they took power in 1948 but the reality of it goes back much further. If anything Apartheid made it BETTER for the blacks. In many cases, before Apartheid opened the townships and classified the population as White, Black, Colored and Indian the black africans were legally feral wildlife. Ie - the british didnt relocate them they just shot them. But hey, leave it the the Brits to create messes and leave them for others to clean up....

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Some people REALLY need to - ahem - "unplug" once in awhile LOL

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Hey, Kev -- do lions drag kills up a tree? I thought that was leopards.

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Not usually. They CAN but in reality lions seldom climb trees unless its to escape a threat or something. Very rare for lions to climb, with the exception of two populations in Uganda and Tanzania. But no, they generally dont. Thats leopards who do it regularly.

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That's good to know. I was binging on Netflix and started Zoo, in which a safari guide is seemingly killed and then dragged up a tree by four male lions. Turns out the behavior was meant to be atypical, and the guide was up the tree, not actually dead, as a message to humankind.

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About the butt plugs, the obvious answer is that internet sex at a distance has become a big thing. But think of the potential uses in covert intelligence. Harder to discover than a wire sorn on the body, until someone figures it out and the pat down will include a cavity search.

It all reminds me of a science fiction story by E. M. Forster called Thd Machine Stops, in which Human beings now live in solitary rooms underground and communicate electronically, coming face to face only to breed.

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the guide was up the tree, not actually dead, as a message to humankind.

Yeah - lions don't "send messages" to humankind. For some reason, those in the entertainment world like to assign anthropomorphic traits that simply don't exist. To my knowledge there are only two populations of lions that regularly climb, one in Uganda and the other in Tanzania. That behavior is more about "getting away from the absurd swarms of biting flies at ground level" than its about sending any messages. Ie - its a behavioral adaptation for the lions comfort and convenience, due to local environmental conditions. Its not even "universal" across Uganda and Tanzania - its like 50 of them in a pair of God forsaken bug infested parks.

But think of the potential uses in covert intelligence. Harder to discover than a wire sorn on the body, until someone figures it out and the pat down will include a cavity search.

I really don't see it having any application in covert intelligence. First of all ANY electronic device is immediately detectible. There is a very common and inexpensive device called a "spectrum analyzer" which will detect any device generating electronic signals, and will tell you what frequency and intensity the detected signals are. I bought one for drones, so that if Im doing commercial work on a site, I don't run into a problem like discovering a process control function or device is either on my control frequency, or on an adjacent channel or upper or lower sideband. (Picture it, your doing an inspection of say "refinery piping" with a drone, but unbeknownst to you that data transponder for a control valve "jams" you and now you have a lost link and fly away right into the worst possible thing on the site you could have collided with. Not good, so a spectrum analyzer is cheap insurance. Anyway - if Im scanning 2.4 Gig on that spectrum analyzer I detect ALL wifi, smart phones, tablets, drones, key fobs, garage door openers, wireless actuators, telemetry units, etc. If I can detect the chipped car keys in a workers pocket 500 yards away with a $250 device from Amazon, the NSA or KGB should certainly be able to detect a "butt plug bug".

Besides - serious spies have plenty of far more practical places to hide things than in the form of a butt plug. For example - you could put it in a dental crown, or in the arm of glasses, or sew it into clothing, shoes, belt buckles, etc. It wouldn't make a lot of sense to put it someplace that is routinely swept during even the most cursory pat search. You wouldn't need a "cavity search" to find it. Even a standard pat down involves running the back of your hand over the perineum and butt crack. Cops find little baggies of drugs and meth / crack pipes all the time during a pat.

The irony is - this USED to be a joke - but now someone actually made the product LOL

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The lions in Zoo, both the novel and the tv series, were sending a message to humanity that they and other animals no longer fear us. This is because of natural evolutionary tenddencies vastly accelerated by a "mother-cell" key to genetic engineering ddveloped by a successful international chemical company that has spread it all over the globe.

So now my qibble about the first episode is why this experienced safari guide initially thought he was being dragged up the tree paftially wounded to provide meat for the lion pride, bdcause lion prides just don't do that. Neither do house cats form large congregations of unrelated individuals, nor do bears break into luxury apartments in Paris to get lots of food and then fall into hibernation in the summer. But by that time the protagonists are sensing that something is very amiss with the animal kingdom. It's not A List drama, but it's enjoyable watching.

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Also, preparing myself for large kitty death. I still maintain that house cats would be as dangerous as large cats if they were not so small and imprinted on human beings. This comes after Midnight bit my upper arm last night, merely because I left it too close to the edge of the bed. She's ill, and thus in a territorial battle with two other femalez for her spot next to me.

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Hey, Kev, I have a movie reccomendation for you in the zombie genre. It's a Korean film named Train to Busan on Netflix. Don't let the subtitles put you off. I was able to get the gist of it just fine, plus learning some filthy phrases in Korean if I chose to watch it repeatedly.

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I gotta say THAT was, for the most part, a pretty damn good episode. First of all I LOVED to hear that Savior telling the nigger straight up how he was nothing but a poser who got his people killed. He was 100% spot on. Typical negroid "community organizer", I loved to see him broken and seeing what he really was. I only wish they had the balls to go racial and tell him "Your no king boy, you aint nothing but a nigger" I was also SOOOOO glad to see that fucking tiger die.

Frankly - that was the most ridiculous thing ever and completely absurdly implausible. First off - when in mixed groups such as when they attacked the saviors at alexandria, how did the fucking tiger know who "the good guys" are? I will go along with the idea that "He doesn't attack his own" because he can recognize them by uniform, sight, smell, etc. BUT in a mixed group such as when they came to the rescue in Alexandria, HOW did the fucking tiger to know "Don't attack Alexandrians, only go after Garbage Pail Kids and Saviors."

Secondly - why in the fuck, in a world where resources are extremely limited, would you have a pet that needs 25 to 100 pounds of meat daily. To put a little perspective on that - at a minimum Shiva consumed the equivalent amount of meat needed to make 100 - 400 Quarter Pounder's or Whoppers per day. I ask why would Negen, an incredibly intelligent, practical, and pragmatic man not prone to sentimentality indulge such a waste of limited resources? A kid died over being one cantaloupe short. Oliva was shot because Negen felt that she was too fat to be trusted to guard the groceries. Yet, on a daily basis he allows the kingdom to pour enough meat to run a decent sized hamburger joint into this useless fleabag, while the Saviors get twelve fucking cantaloupes? I don't think so. Negen is Dutch, as a Boer I know that the Dutch are FAR too fucking stingy to allow that sort of waste. No how, no way. My Dutch ancestors would roll over in their graves, except that they cant because the Dutch are to cheap and practical to actually OWN graves, so they only rent them for ten or twenty years while people actually grieve and visit, and then the dead get unceremoniously kicked out of their hole. As a Dutchman , there is no way Negen would be down with that. That meat would be a lot more useful making droewors and biltong than tiger shit...

Third - in a world where you have cannibal corpses on the other side of the wall wanting to gnaw on your guts, why the fuck would you bring a large apex carnivore INSIDE the walls? You got something against safety? Which also raised the "bio-safety" issue. After this thing bites walkers, why would you let it back inside? Do you have lots of data about transmission by biting the zombies? Are there studies on feline susceptibility? Specifically on genus Panthera ? Somehow, I don't think the CDC got around to doing studies on zoonotic effects in non-indigenous endangered species so wouldn't it just suck balls if the disease was infectious to Panthera Tigris, but just so happened to have a long incubation period. Wake up one morning and you thought yesterday sucked, now you have a zombie tiger running around inside the walls, and Peter Hathaway Capstick is nowhere to be found...

Good Riddance to Shiva, and hopefully "The King" persona. Now lets do some more "house cleaning" to get back to the show I once knew and loved. Oh, and a couple of other observations. What kind of an idiot is Jerry? If I had "an axe" = any axe will do doesn't have to be a giant battle axe that can cut a person in two with one chop - I think just MAYBE I would cut the FENCE WIRE instead of ya know, trying to chop through a hardened lock shackle and / or a half inch case hardened grade eight chain??? Maybe make one slice on the fence fabric and crawl through? Or ya know - cut the soft aluminum tie wires that hold the chain link fabric to the posts? I also don't know what Rick and Daryl are so fucking happy about? They have a truck chock full of 50 caliber M2's and ammo - BUT they are shit out of vehicles??? The jeep is fucked cause it took 50 caliber hits to the radiator, which would have also broke the engine block cause ya know thats what 50 calibers are for. The truck itself is upside down in a ravine wrecked, so what are they gonna do, tell those 165+ pound guns to jump off the truck and walk back to Alexandria on their own? Strap a few of them to Daryl's back so he can take them back on his motorcycle which he conveniently wrecked at high speed without damage to either the bike or him... Seriously - the M2 machine gun itself is 85 pounds. The M3 Tripod base is like another 45 or 50 pounds. A 100 round ammo belt is 35 pounds so you are talking minimum 165 pounds for one weapon with one short belt of ammo. (A 100 round belt is one "ammo can", and since the weapon has a fire rate of 600 rounds per minute, will provide TEN SECONDS of fire. Thats for the BASIC weapon. In reality the "Weapons System" includes much more... For example in sustained fire, you have to change the barrel every 1000 rounds (ten belts) or it will get so hot that the rounds will literally cook off when chambered. So you have several spare barrels at 25 pounds each. Then you have the special wrench and the asbestos gloves to make the change. Various spare parts. Of course LOTS of ammo - with 10 ammo cans, 1000 rounds, one minute and 40 seconds worth of sustained fire adding another 350 pounds for ammo and 25 pounds for an extra barrel, plus plenty of water to cool the removed barrel etc... You can pretty safely "budget" 200 pounds of ammo and equipment to support every minute of operation. (There is a reason it is called a "Crew Served Weapon" and why the military rides around in 2-1/2 ton trucks... Now watch later in the season, they will probably have Daryl firing it by himself, from the hip, like Rambo with the M-60. LOL

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t's a Korean film named Train to Busan on Netflix. Don't let the subtitles put you off.

Awesome - Ill check it out. I read a couple of good zombie books on Kindle recently. One is called "This Is The Way The World Ends: An Oral History of the Zombie War" by Keith Taylor. It was really good. Someone should make a movie of it, as a counter to the abortion Brad Pitt made of World War Z. This had some really interesting stories in it. The same author also has a three book series I finished called Last Man Standing, the titles are Hunger, Cordyceps and Vaccine respectively. Kind of a different take on the Zombie genre - this time with a genetically engineered fungus rather than a virus. Not "great literature" by any means, but definitely an entertaining read. I recommend them - well worth the 99 cents to 2.99 in my opinion. (Though Im rapidly reaching the point where Im gonna start doing the Kindle Unlimited since Ive been reading so much lately)

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Negan is Dutch? Is that in the backstory or what? I agree with you about the extreme frugality of the Dutch, having lived with someone who is about 75% Dutch or Belgian for the past 50 years. Jeee --Zuss!

Ezekiel did address the extra expense of Shiva's food back when Carol first arrived at the Kingdom. Shiva's death may have cut his hero personna out from underneath him. I did like his final confession about how the original accident to Shiva forced him into a decision about what kind of person he would be. Now that he had to watch her die without him helping, it will change him, maybe like Morgan.

Of course I sympathize with Ezekiel as a formerly meek man being forced into a position of leadership through unexpected circumstances. I've been writing about that kind of thing for the past 12 years as a kind of self therapy, and the revelations have been surprising.

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I watched Train to Busan as the middle film of one of the most depresxing Netflix movie marathon evenings imaginable. The first was The Road, sith Viggo Mortensen as a father leading his child through a post nuclear hell, with little hope ahead. Then the Zombies on a train. Death insidd, death outside, with only two and a half survivors. Then, Pandora, which was another Korean film about a nuclear plant meltdown fucked up by government bungling, where the people worst affected have to die to kedp it from taking out the entire country. Meanwhile, the fucking bureoucrats stay safe. People are asking me whay I subjected myself to that, but I realized that each of the three films was about sacrifice in the face of impossible oddx

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Hi. Is everyone still okay?

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