Blitz attacks

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I haven't really read anything about it other than what you've said here.

Oh its huge! Ginormous. Its now up to criminal investigations in three countries for at least 5 rapes, and "casting couch" accusations from 30+ women. Democrats and liberal causes everywhere are struggling to return donations except of course The Clinton Foundation, with Hillary doubling down to say "We have a sexual assaulter in the oval office" and when called on the obvious that "Bill's situation is in the past and has already been litigated" Meanwhile hollywood is ON FIRE. George Clooney, Woody Allen, Patrick Swaze (before he was dead) Affleck, the list goes on. LOL

Weinstien has been kicked out of his company, kicked out of "The Academy" had his french Legion of Merit revoked by Marcon, the brits are gonna pull his knighthood, etc. Colleges are pulling back honorary degrees etc.

Then to top it all off NBC is in the middle of it cause they have suppressed stories about it for years because their news president is a screen writer,,,

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LOL OMG and it gets BETTER AND BETTER - Now it turns out the Pussycat Dolls was a prostitution ring...

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YES!!! I LOVE IT! THE "Spillover Effect" has begun! Apparently even some of the niggers from Hamilton had to bend over and puff on the beef cigar to get their parts! (Gee imagine that - Queers in broadway theater!) ROFL THEY HAD SOMETHING TO SAY TO VP PENCE BUT NOT TO THE GUYS WHO WAS PUNKING THEIR BLACK ASSES LIKE A PRISON BITCH HUH??? ROFL!!!

And now - its into the MUSIC INDUSTRY TOO! Cheryl Crow, and then her lawyer advises her to "suck it up and take it cause he can do a lot for you". Lady Gaga! Madonna! ROFL TOO FUNNY!!! How come ya aint riding around on a garbage truck in a Waffen SS uniform about THAT GaGa??? How come ya didnt want to blow up THAT guys house Madonna?

I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! THE LIBERALS "WAR ON WOMEN" is afoot! LOL Movies, Television, Theatre, music.... ROFL LETS HEAR SOME ALLEGATIONS ABOUT THE DNC ITSELF!!!!! "Oh, you want to be a candidate - well show me what ya got...."

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Crap. The idea of children that young suffering like that hits me where I live. Never mind what they are going to become in life, they are so innocent at that age. And then the article talks about the mother being on suicide watch. I say, just let her do it.

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I wonder how you could tell when they were done. Afterall - browning wouldn't be a reliable indicator ROFL. Look on the bright side - we can cancel their WIC, and their food stamps, and all the lifetime of social services they would get. Nobody lost anything here but the probation department - they are short two future clients. LOL

SO - Now BOB Weinstien has his cock in the ringer, plus an unnamed director who raped Reese Witherspoon at 16, plus a producer who put Jennifer Lawrence in a nude line up and fat shamed her, plus plus plus... HMMMMM Wheres that republican "war on women"??? The Hollywood Dems seem to have their own war - and Slobodan Milosovich would be proud of how they are fighting it. LOL

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Ya know there IS one thing about this Harvey Weinstein thing that is REALLY starting to piss me off. The ADORATION that they are lavishing on the "courageous women" who are "coming forward and having their voices heard" and how they are "heros"

They are whores, not rape victims and they sure as fuck aren't "heros". I mean give me a fucking break - "WHAAAAAAAA He raped me when I was sixteen!!!! Whaaaa" Well thats nice - you are TWENTY SEVEN NOW! Why didnt ya maybe uh, PRESS CHARGES ELEVEN YEARS AGO??? Instead of taking multimillion dollar contracts from the fat bastard for ELEVEN FUCKING YEARS... Im sorry but once you continue to work with the guy for eleven years and receive contracts totaling in excess of $160,000,000; we leave the arena of "rape" and step into the "payment for services rendered" department.

"Heroic, Courageous, Brave and all of that shit would have been kneeing him in the balls, then running out into the hotel lobby bare ass nekkid with his cum still dripping down your leg and screaming as loud as you can "CALL THE POLICE IVE BEEN RAPED BY HARVEY WEINSTIEN - OH AND BY THE WAY IM SIXTEEN" Good fucking luck trying to "coverup" or "explain away" that one. Doesn't matter HOW much ya paid off Hillary, Weiner, and the Manhattan DA - even THEY couldn't make that one go away. Screaming naked sixteen year old slathered in DNA in the lobby of a five star world class hotel - yeah Harvey would be doing time, especially when NYPD had to call in the CEO of Toyota, the Chairman of the Board of Dupont, three Vanderbilts, two Rothchilds, a Carnegie, and a Saudi prince as "Outcry witnesses"

But thats not what our heroines in this tale did. They remained silent for years, decades even, and when they hear word of project they wanted a piece of, they put on something sexy and went and gave Harvey his due... They got the part, cried all the way to the bank, and them stood there on stage at award show after award show THANKING HIM for the opportunity, until it became "brave" to tweet "#metoo" and tell your story. LOL

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ROFL LOL LOL Well heres one way to deal with the illegal immigration problem - get them to drown their anchor babies ROFL

Dumb ass liberian mugu. SHit skins are so stupid. LOL

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God I love when reporters make dildos of themselves when they think they are clever,,,,

Headline is "Infamous Texas serial murderer to walk green mile tonight"

Yeah - that would be PRETTY FUCKING NEWSWORTHY ALRIGHT! If Texas started executing inmates by taking them to Louisiana State Penitentiary and making them "Walk the Green Mile" to the electric chair that has since been removed and sent to a museum since it was last used in 1991 it would definitely be BIG NEWS.

However - Anthony Shore ISN'T going to "Walk the Green Mile" Sometime between now and two hours from now, he will be transported from Death Row at the Polansky Unit in West Livingston, by a three vehicle convoy, to the Huntsville Unit in Huntsville - aka "The Walls". He will be brought into the death house at huntsville by a back door loading dock, he will have one last cavity search, and then his ass will sit in a holding cell until they bring him the 20 feet into the death chamber and strap him to the table and start an IV. He will have no last cigarette, and IF he gets a last meal - which depends on what time of day he is scheduled to go - it will be "at or after 6pm" it will be whatever the fuck the inmates at the Hunstsville unit are getting for that particular meal - nothing special and no requests. Then they will slam a single drug down the IV. Currently its a massive dose of pentobarbital, and hell suffocate slowly until the doc pronounces him about 20 min after they dose him. His corpse will leave via that same loading dock. Neat , clean, nothing cutesy like "Walking the mile" as a priest reads the 23 rd Psalm and a CO yells "Dead Man Walking, Dead Man Walking The Mile"...

But nice try at creative writing silly reporter... "Walking the green mile" LMFAO.

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Very interesting analysis of Robin Williams from the REAL Adrian Cronauer (Good Morning Vietnam)

Very interesting to see how hollywood distorts the reality...

Truly fascinating to see the reality

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With Robin Williams, you always expect a lot of over the top fooling around.

We've had a xpell of good weather, so I've been spending my days staining the areas of the house that need it the worst. Tiring work.

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It turned ool and rainy. The drops are hitting the windows, along with the fall7ng leaves. It's the sort of day that makes me glad to be alive and worthy of taking a day off to binge-watch The Walking Dead marathon.

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Hey thats a good thing....Always good to get ahead of your chores list and to take a down day binge watching....

Though I have to say - I do not have the highest hopes for season 8. First of all WHAT THE FUCK is with Carls hair. If I was in the Zombie Apocalypse and had a son who looked like that I would disown him, beat the snot out of him, put him in a pink prom dress and turn him over to the fucking ex-convicts in my perimeter militas. You want to look like a bitch you can suck and fuck like a bitch... Jesus, if my hair EVER covered my ears or touched my collar my dad would rearrange my facial bone structure for me - and I was a child of the 80s when there were metal bands and 80's hair. When I was in college, my frat roamed Denver with cordless sheep shears looking for "freaks" in need of a beating and trim.

Secondly WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THE MUSLIM? Is Rick going to form an alliance with Al Queda or something??? In a later episode will we make an alliance wth the muslim dude rick chased off and fly airplanes into Negens facilities or what? WHY in the fucking Zombie apocalypse are we bringing MUSLIMS into it???

Third - the plan to bring the walker herd..... OK seriously. There is "jumping the shark" and there is holding it down and anally raping it. This is the latter. By MY calculations - the herd should be somewhere around western Nebraska or Eastern Colorado by now. Consider this - that herd was unleashed before they even ENCOUNTERED Negen. Abraham, daryl, et al came into "first contact" with some of Negens men on the way BACK from getting that herd 20 miles away, then overnighting after the Daryl and the three escapees, Abraham and Sasha story line. That was when the wolves attacked. When Jessie and her family was still alive. When carl was shot and saved by Denise. BEFORE they met Jesus. When Glenn was still under the fucking dumpster. BEFORE the attack on Negens Outpost, the capture and liberation of maggie and carol, the clobbering of Glenn and Abraham. BEFORE meeting the garbage pail kids, or Sashas supply run, or ANY of the other outposts... That herd has been heading west at figure 1 or 2 miles an hour - 24 to 48 miles a day - for like ALMOST TWO MONTHS. Now lets average 1.5 miles per hour, to allow for zigs and zags and changing stimuli changing their direction..... That herd should be making 36 miles a day, 1080 miles a month... Which should as I said PUT THEM IN FUCKING NEBRASKA OR EASTERN COLORADO. So how did rick et al conveniently find them to lead to the sanctuary???? You couldn't find that herd if you had a coast guard search helicopter flying grid patterns cause you wouldn't have the range.... Remember they just keep moving 36 miles a day, subject to random changes by stimuli...

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By the way - just a small and pointless observation.... Which ya know may have been more relevant had dumb ass rick NOT gotten his Army Ranger killed....

BUT instead of creating the armada of mad max vehicles, and leading a walker herd from points unknown...... HOW about if he had adopted "easier strategies"


1) Going to all those abandoned military sites that are like uh EVERYWHERE and getting a tank, howitzer, or 155 mm mortar and going to some place 12 to 20 miles away and RAINING SHELLS DOWN ON NEGEN AND HIS PEEPS TILL THERE WAS NOTHING LEFT BUT SMOKING RUBBLE????

2) Going to the local waste water treatment plant. Picking up a tanker of chlorine. Driving it to someplace upwind and above the sanctuary on a night when the wind is blowing in that direction, opening the valve, and magically making everyone in sanctuary die in their sleep. This test of a release 15 seconds after the valve was opened at Dugway Proving Ground shows a visit to the water treatment plant would totally ruin Negens day.... Thats QUITE the lethal cloud...

3) Going to airport hangers, steel fabrication shops, chemical plants, refineries, etc OR even MOTELS - and finding a truck that looks like this

Then ya know - like removing the source, sticking it inside a bomb and blowing it up anywhere near Sanctuary. Wait 24 - 36 hours and everyone IN sanctuary will be bald, bleeding from their pores and puking out their liquified organs.... That is an industrial radiography truck - you will find between 2 and 5 at every cheap motel in the oil patch and each one has a gamma source with enough activity to lethally dose anyone who set foot in sanctuary for the next 52.7 years....

PLUS the effectiveness of ANY of the above strategies would be increased by the fact that in TWD those who die will turn and eat their friends and neighbors.... Just saying lol

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I find myself underwhelmed by the season opener as well, although Shiva looked damn chill lounging in that truck bed. I don't know why no one took a shot at Negen, because cutting off the head kills that particular snake. The rest will switch allegiance to Rick in a heartbeat because they go with whatever side their bread is buttered on. None of them are so fond of Negen that they will be fuming to avenge him. Not even his wives. But instead we get this "not all about Rick" excuse for why Negen will xtill be alive when Rick is old and grey, which, based on the aging of Judith, is only about five years at most.

I agree about Carl's hair, not because it's effeminate, but because long hair gets in the way in a fight and can be grabbed by an opponent. I don't understand why Darryl hasn't found a pair of scissors and taken those hanging locks out of his own eyes yet. And why the fuck have they not found Carl a decent eye-patch yet. The Governor isn't using his anymore.

The aftershow was tedious with all the damn applause and whistling taking up time. But it was great to see Michael Rooker again. They should bring him back as his even eviler twin Earle, who was on a drug run to North Dakota when it all went down.

It's cold and rainy again today. How I wish I had even made a dent in my to co list, but I haven't.

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I don't know why no one took a shot at Negen, because cutting off the head kills that particular snake. The rest will switch allegiance to Rick in a heartbeat because they go with whatever side their bread is buttered on.

Well the concern with something like that is - that while it is an effective short term solution - what will move in to fill the void once the tyrant is ousted? Cases in point - Iraq, Libya, "The Arab Spring" etc... The Walking Dead wont go here, because they subscribe to an American values binary "good guy - bad guy" model, but the real solution to the Saviors would have to be mass annihilation. I mean a SERIOUS purge as in conquest of Canaan Old Testament style purging... As Americans we lack the stomach for such effective ass kicking - we have some sick need to give them a much needed ass kicking and then build them schools, and soccer fields, and factories and to defend them for generations on our dime. When it comes to something as sinister and dangerous as Sanctuary, I would follow the lead of Moses and Ghengis Khan, and Ivan The Terrible, and other historical figures who have demonstrated a bit more success in battle than Rick Grimes. LOL

long hair gets in the way in a fight and can be grabbed by an opponent. I don't understand why Darryl hasn't found a pair of scissors and taken those hanging locks out of his own eyes yet.

The grooming of the ENTIRE group is simply abhorrent. I mean "post apocalyptic mad-max look dictated by central casting" aside, I would whip ALL of their asses into shape. There will be NO long hair. NO dreads. NO beards. Moustaches are ONLY ok provided that they do not extend beyond the corners of the mouth and there no interference with a respirator. (as verified using an irritant like an ammonia inhalant) People will bathe regularly, brush their teeth regularly, considering the nature of the threat - I would institute an "in facility" hand hygiene program with multiple situation and zone specific hand washing and alcohol sanitizing, and ANYONE returning from an "out of facility" excursion would strip for bite check, shower and shave, undergo a brief med check, and then change clothes before entering. I mean HELLO - its a "DISEASE OUTBREAK", zombies aside - its a LETHAL PANDEMIC DISEASE that they really know stunningly little about. As such you would think they would take some measures to avoid infestations of blood sucking insect vectors. The whole zombie infection spread thing aside - you don't need a zombie apocalypse complete with lice, crabs, scabies, and bed bugs too. Daryle needs to be made to wash his sack before he spreads staph through the whole goddamn group....

On another parallel but related topic - these people on Doomsday Preppers crack me up. I had NO IDEA people so fucking stupid could have so much money. This guy spends $24,000 building a steel bunker then he tests it against seven pounds of dynamite. He is SOOOOOOOOOO happy so confident cause you couldn't blow a hole in it with seven pounds of dynamite... PSSST - sorry to tell ya dude, but two things - #1 if you were INSIDE it at the time you would STILL be dead. Just because the steel wasn't punctured doesn't mean the shock wave didnt pass through. You and your entire family are now laying on the bunker floor with torn lungs and aortas, herniated brains, lacerated livers, and every bone in your body broken. #2 - The blaster using the dynamite got EXACTLY the result that he, and you, wanted. Seven pounds of dynamite, placed against the steel bunker, with NO confinement... Hate to break it to ya, but if provided some confinement on that seven pounds, or better yet if he used a half pound charge with a copper cone or a piece of copper angle embedded in it, then he would have had a WHOLE OTHER OUTCOME. Let me try it... ROFL I love these guys - NOBODY'S GONNA GET IN HERE!!!! DUDE - you have an ABOVE GROUND BUNKER, made from a giant white propane tank that failed inspection cause it was too weak. NOT only can I GET INTO IT any time I wanted using any number of things including shaped charges, plasma cutters, cutting torches, exothermic torches, air arc gouging torches, disc grinders, air chisels, K-12 saws, diamond wheels saws, the jaws of life, a porto-power, etc, BUT I guarantee you that if I was feeling sadistic - I could with nothing more than a couple of scrap pallets and a zippo make you BEG me to let you and your whack family get OUT of it. Homeboy has OBVIOUSLY never read about "The Brazen Bull" LOL Of course none of that will be necessary. Its the small things that fuck up the big plan. NOTE - when building a bunker or installing a door on your outhouse for that matter - PUT THE FUCKING HINGES ON THE INSIDE!!! Dumbass. LOL He's on TV blabbing and slathering about how NOBODY is getting in while he's standing in front of this fucking hatch and I'm thinking - "somebody hand me a ratchet with a 9/16 socket..."

Then they had this other bunch of misfits, running a place down in Florida called "The Colony" and they even have THEIR OWN GALLOWS. Ya know, in case they need to hang anybody. ROFL Jesus fucking christ. Nothing says "Hi Deputy, we are a crazy militia group with our own compound" quite like having your own GALLOWS. Please, please, please in the name of Christ - leave the capital punishment to the State of Florida until the system collapses completely.... I mean HOW MANY EXECUTIONS DO YOU FORESEE HAVING? There are 25 of you... You don't think you'll be able to handle your executions with the occasional firing squad? If you ABSOLUTELY SIMPLY MUST conduct hangings - you are anticipating a volume where a simple tree branch or barn beam cant do the job? Ya know maybe use the gantry that you use for changing engines and hanging livestock and game up to butcher??? Jeeeez. They also don't understand the concept of "plausible deniability" and "cover story". See, if I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY had to have my own gallows... I would make it as part of a "wild west attraction". If you have a place called "THE COLONY" with its concertina wire perimeter protected by cars filled with IEDs, and you have sniper towers with 50 caliber machine guns and A GALLOWS, that tends to scare the shit out of law enforcement types esp near Orlando.... BUT if you have "Wild Bills Cowboy Experience" roadside tourist trap with a blacksmith shop, and a saloon with waitresses dressed like old west hookers, and one of the cut outs the whole family can stick their face in for a picture, and a gallows nobody looks twice. Ya know, gunfire and explosions and gallows don't worry the cops when they know bank gets robbed every day at 11 and 6, to be followed by a shootout, posse, hanging, and a chuckwagon supper. "Pictures are $5, folks don't forget to stop by the gift shop on your way out...." PLUS - considering that you are WAAAAAAY too fucking close to Orlando - ya might not want to be "THE COLONY" People who know about the "as seen on TV" armed to the teeth stocked to the gills survival compound, just might be coming along to relieve you of your stuff.

All of these preppers operate under the assumption there will be nobody left but Soccer Moms and Rick Grimes. How about the Army Lt, who is fresh out of MRE's but he still has a functional Apache attack helicopters, a pair of functional Bradley fighting vehicles, a couple of MRAPs four mortars, a 155 howitzer, night vision, and 48 able bodied standard issue "11 Bravo" infantry men???? You think he isn't going to get his hands on the 5 year food supply you showed on TV??? The published range (meaning actual is bigger) of a Hellfire missile is 8750 yards... Guard towers don't mean much when the guy manning them gets a missile up his ass from an aircraft you could neither see nor hear five miles away... LOL

But see had you been "Wild Bills Cowboy Experience" it may never have occurred to Lt Scmuckatelli - Hmmmm, that wild west park has stables, horses, oodles and oodles of the guns that won the west, indian weapons, ammo galore, a gatlin gun, cannons, an explosives magazine full of powder and charges, reloading equipment to reload for the twice daily shows, a functional black smith shop, a saloon, a commercial kitchen with a great big walk in freezer that is called "The concession stand", a barber shop, the doc's office, the shop for the groundskeepers - full of modern tools, fuel, chemicals. (Nobody stops to say "Hmmm, the golf course has 10,000 pounds of nitrate fertilizer and 2000 gallons of diesel on hand") But NAWWWW, then you wouldn't get to be Sgt Bilco walking around with your fucking belly overhanging your BDU's chewing your cigar and talking about how heavily defended you are. LOL

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Continuing with what I was saying about "Doomsday Preppers" - These people are ABSOLUTE FUCKING FREAK SHOWS....

Heres one -

Not content with merely being on TV, this idiot has to SHOW HIS EX-WIFES NEW BOYFRIEND HIS ILLEGAL EXPLOSIVES! Ya know cause, considering that they share custody of the daughter, I can kinda see how dropping her off at Daddy's house to play with the claymore mines and hand grenades must be upsetting. THEN you give fuse / det cord to the boyfriend - "in case he ever needs to blow stuff up"... What the FUCK???? Ya know, I've (LEGALLY) worked with explosives and I just couldn't even IMAGINE switching the kids and telling Lauries ex - "Hey, I got ya something. Ya know, in case you ever need to blow something up" ROFL What planet are these people from?

Then we have THIS magnificent specimen....

DUDE YOU ARE A CONVICTED FELON, A SEX OFFENDER AT THAT, AND YOU WENT ON TV PLAYING WITH GUNS AND TALKING ABOUT ROBBING PEOPLE? “We’re not in it to stockpile,” Smith says of what he plans to do in the event of a Doomsday event. “We’re in it to come take what you have, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.” UUUUUH - Except REVOKE YOUR PAROLE, and send you back to prison as a felon in possession of a firearm??? We can do that.... LOL

and THIS prize....

NOOOOO Naughty! Bad Boy! BAD BAD BAD! Don't go on TV, and then go around bragging to people about all the illegal weapons, booby traps, IED's, and other such shit you have made and how you plan to use them on federal agents. I for one, would NEVER violate any federal weapons laws, until such time as the Zombie Apocalypse was in FULL swing and the very last was wandering around eating brains... Until then, FULL COMPLIANCE.

Know what makes these idiots particularly ironic?

#1 - Most of the things they want so badly, "fully automatic rifles" and such are pretty much useless. The "Fun Switch" on a select fire weapon is for suppressive fire, you REALLY cant fucking hit anything. The best you can do is "keep them pinned down". According to the army - when they introduced the M-16 in Vietnam, it was something like 50,000 rounds expended for every enemy KIA. You cant AIM at someone, just spray the jungle. Ditto for grenades. If you don't know how to use them, or worse yet are making them yourself, they are more dangerous to you then the enemy. Last fucking thing you want to do is show up at my house, and toss a grenade at the window. It will hit security film, bounce off, land in your lap, and take your balls off. LOL

#2 - There is NO REASON to make this shit illegally. NONE. First of all, the wise man avoids the fight. Secondly, if this is a TRUE "end of days" the walking dead type scenario where a pandemic disease or something causes a complete breakdown of government - you can scavenge that shit. The Walking Dead season 1, "the tank". I assure you - the zombie in the tank isn't using it anymore. Help yourself. Ditto for all the dead soldiers at the CDC, the ones at the camp outside the hospital when rick came out. Everything from M-4's to MRAP to Helicopters - 100% off, help yourself, hope you have better luck than we did. If the govt is still functioning AT ALL, you don't need that shit. If they aren't around anymore everything from M-9 pistols to Minuteman 3 ICBMs with nuclear warheads will be there for the taking. If its a situation where a hostile govt is in power - like a "Red Dawn" situation - launch guerrilla attacks and get the enemy weapons like everyone from the "Calumet Wolverines" to the "Afghan Mujahadjeen" has done. Frankly - if we were being occupied by a force which uses Eastern Block weapons, you don't WANT M-16's anyway. The magazines and ammo on the dead North Korean soldiers wont work in your US weapon and you wont be able to order 5.56 NATO from Cabelas.

#3 - If you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY CANNOT SURVIVE without owning your very own explosives and fully automatic weapons, and such things. FILL OUT THE FUCKING PAPERWORK AND PAY THE FEES. These people aren't going to jail for HAVING this stuff, they are going to jail for "making it" and or "Posessing it illegally". If you ABSOLUTELY MUST have a safe full of fully automatic weapons - go get a Class 3 FFL. Hell, go get a CLASS 3 FFL with "Dealer" and "Manufacturer" categories. If your a "Class 3 Manufacturer" you can make ANYTHING YOUR LITTLE HEART DESIRES.. You could convert an AR to a rainbow colored fully automatic M-4 with a silencer and a 2" barrel, and then put a grenade launcher under it that fires exploding dildos if that floats your boat. Its like that show "Sons of Guns" that used to be on about the freak show from Louisiana. Got a Class 3, build it. Doesn't matter how fucking insane it is, or if its primary usefulness in a fight would be to make experienced military people die from laughing too hard at it.

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Holy Crap. Shits getting REAL. THREE Carrier Battle Groups in the Western Pacific. Three. The Nimitz, the Roosevelt, and the Reagan. WOW. Lil' Kim must be sucking the seat cushion up his ample ass LOL If he's not, he should be. See thats not "Three carriers" that is THREE BATTLE GROUPS - each one consisting of a carrier, with an embarked air wing of about 70 planes and helicopters, two heavy guided missile cruisers, two destroyers or frigates, a veritable armada of logistics and supply ships, and two fast attack / cruise missile submarines.

Its looking like "Fleet Week" off Rocket Boy's coast LOL

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WOW - Fats Domino died yesterday, at age 89 outside of New Orleans. Couple of things here - Holy Shit, I had NO IDEA he was even still alive. I remember his "I Found My Thrill On Blueberry Hill" song back on Happy Days when I was a crumb crunching rug rat back in the 70's... It was ancient then.... I can't believe the guy who sung that back in 1956 has been alive all these years.... Especially a rotund black guy with an unhealthy life style... Amazing.

Speaking of blacks - I am DISGUSTED by the lack of reading comprehension on the part of sooooooooo many fox news viewers in the comments section. This little stink ape had its nappy fur shaved off at the group home it live in, so the BT-2000 who bore is all bent out of shape...

SOOOOOOOOOO many commentators sooooo outraged that "The school doesn't have the right to cut your kids hair" blah blah blah.... HELLOOOOOO ITS A NUT HOUSE NOT A SCHOOL. Per their own web site "The Little Heroes Group Home is an intensive group home located in the suburban community of Dracut, MA. We serve latency age children who come to us with social, emotional, mental health and behavioral challenges, and histories of complex trauma." SOOOOOO the hair cut was ordered by a "Clinician" , at the RESIDENT TREATMENT FACILITY - AKA "NUT HOUSE" that the BT-2000s daughter was committed to. Now its an achievement to begin with to raise your kid so fucked up that they are in the booby hatch by age 7, but hey when it comes to bad parenting never underestimate a SheBoon.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sounds like a jolly good idea to me. Oh, and leave the cowgirl hat on while she hangs, por favor :P

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