Blitz attacks

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Yeah, Kev, that's what they keep saying over on the alzheimers 'support' board. But every person with dementia is unique, and for some reason, this one is high functioning verbally for someone at her stage. Five years ago, the nurse in her skilled care facility called it. She said my mother was argumentative, manipulative, and drug-seeking. I figure shs's at the cognitive level of an 18 month child at this point, but she still tries The Voice on me to make things happen. Down deep, I'm terrified of her because I know what happens when I defy her. Pathetically, I'm still that little kid trying to please her, and yesterday I realized that's never going to happen no matter how I try. It's easy to understand intellectually that I shouldn't feel butthurt, but feelings just happen and if they are suppressed it just turns into cray-cray.

Now I have to talk myself into putting my own health and sanity ahead of hers.

There was this much older guy on the Alz board who had cared for his wife for a decade at home before finally giving up. He would say that Alzheimers has already taken a life. Don't let it take two. Ironically he died before his wife.

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ROFL OMG I swear sometimes I think Ted Cruz is some kind of strange reptilian alien from space in a count chocola costume. He just DOES NOT know when to shut the fuck up.

DUDE, REALLY ITS OK. YOU LIKED A PORN VIDEO ON TWITTER. ITS OK. Move on. LOL We don't need to discuss whether or not there is a constitutional right to choke the mamba.. Its ok Ted, we don't need to involve lawyers in EVERYTHING. Just relax. Have a beer. Put on some music. I suggest Doe Gringos.... This ones is for Heidi

So tonight the military will spray for Skeeters.

SO BEGINETH THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE LOL They probably haven't removed the agent orange from the spray tanks since Nam, and now they will spray the Dibrom and the brain eating will begin. Crop Dusting with a C-130 This should be interesting as fuck LOL

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Kev, I finally got to use my pressure washer for the first time, and I want to thank you for suggesting it to me. It was a little dicey at first because our single outdoor water line and all the hoses leading from it got clogged with iron sludge after we had our pump replaced last year and Buns turned off the outdoor water before it was fully purged --and then managed to break off the faucet at the connection. It took us a while to find a faucet and then find the proper male/male adapter. When we finally got the water going again, I realized that I could produce more psi than the hose could. I was worried it could damage the washer, and indeed at the beginning I kept running out of pressure after a few seconds. That seemed to correct itself as I went along, and in the mean time I was learning technique. We have cement at our back door and former garage with 65 years of accumulated dirt on it. Same with the Cream City brick around our front entrance and at the foundation. I can't believe how light they got and how much better things look now. Ironically, I still can't get to those high windows in the back because there is a maximum length of hosing the washer can use, and the western half of the house is too far. I'm gonna have to yell uncle and have a plumber install water lines and outdoor faucets in that part of the house. But I sure can reach the horse shed, where I can use the example of Hercules to get 8 years worth of compacted manure out of there without killing myself. I have no problem shoveling, but using a wheelbarrow to get it out into the fields is purely exhausting.

I love my new toy.

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Watching NASA TV, Cassini is making its final descent into Saturn. After 13 long years, the Cassini spacecraft is about to burn up in the atmosphere of Saturn. ... Chilling to think that whatever is about to happen has already happened. The craft is 23 minutes from impact, but the feed is delayed by 1;37 min. This engineer on talking now was still in high school when this launched.

Chilling. We as a people cant keep a walmart open in houston but we can crash on saturn

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I am LITERALLY in tears. LITERALLY. 13 years ended with a "We have loss of signal and in 45 seconds loss of spacecraft, Cassini is dead"...

Im CRYING more so than I would for the deaths of 1,000,000 niggers in Harvey and Irma and a North Korean nuclear strike combined.

As a child I grew up knowing the names of EACH AND EVERY ASTRONAUT and I have EACH AND EVERY ONES AUTOGRAPH. I lived and breathed space. TV was The Six Million Dollar Man, Star Trek, Space: 1999, etc. I had NO DOUBT that by this age I would be a moon shuttle pilot flying vacationers to the moon 3X a day.

Instead Look what happened to our space program. We cant even GET to the ISS without paying the Russians to take us, NASA is an internet radio station, Gene Krantz is being rescued from flood water and the most commonly known NASA flight director is a gay iranian with a purple mohawk. FUCK MY LIFE. So much for "Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the star ship enterprise..."

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I cried when Columbia came apart over Texas. I remember when it was first launched and then brought down to a successful landing. I watched that live and punched my fist in the air when touched down. The future seemed limitless.

In the US, at least, space has been given over to the private sector.

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Yeah its a damn shame. Unlike Colombia (or Challenger) Cassini had no loss of life, but jesus, 13 years worth of work by all those people ending with an unceremonious "We have loss of signal, and in 45 seconds loss of spacecraft, Cassini is dead" I mean Jesus. Have our greatest technological achievements REALLY become throw away items.

SO - I see the groids are at it again in St Louis. Ya know MAYBE just maybe Bowel Movements Matter should try hitching their star to someone who ISNT A FUCKING DEAD THUG HEROIN DEALER??? Furthermore - I get it the niggers don't like the verdict. TOTALLY GET IT. You don't have to like it. However, you have to accept it. We white folks didnt like to see OJ get away with killing two of us, but we didn't go batshit and start rioting. You think this cop is guilty? We get it. You got your free pass with OJ. Sometimes the guilty get off. Thats the way it goes. Suck it up Holmes.

So - I made a rather AMAZING and extremely chilling discovery. I get fucked up on Zyrtec. I mean FUCKED UP. Like drunk / high. I get obnoxious. Say things. Fall asleep. Black out. Lose time. etc. I THOUGHT it was just "fucking me up" as in "mind altering / intoxicative effects". Well NOW I know how and why. Yesterday, after a lengthy sleep post Zyrtec stupor I was shaking so bad I literally had to piss sitting down lest I "paint the bathroom" with my piss. I was shaking so bad if I held the Rhinkhals it would have gone everywhere BUT the toilet. I was also sweating so bad it was coming off me in drops and landing on my feet. I decided to check my blood sugar. That was an adventure in and of itself - I had to sit on my arm to get it to stay still enough to prick, then I had to put the test strip in the meter with my teeth. I shouldn't have even been conscious. I did three tests cause I didnt believe the results - all were in the THIRTIES!!! Needless to say I started chugging sunny delight, and put packages of sugar under my tongue, and I ate something etc. But heres where this gets interesting - DESPITE THERE BEING NO INFORMATION OR ANYTHING ON THE PACKAGE, it seems the FDA web site indicates that Zyrtec (and several similar allergy drugs) can cause "hypoglycemia" as well as a "precipitous or even cataclysmic drop in blood glucose".... Holy. Shit. I would call a blood glucose of 34 "cataclysmic" alright. Unfortunately - I have to keep taking it despite the negative effects because of the mold situation, and the fact that Im cleaning out my moms storage unit which is a mold pit now. (Its so moldy that the other day I had to shoot epi 1:1000 / benadryl IM into my thigh because I was going into a full blown asthmatic reaction. (I have since acquired a full Level B hazmat ensemble - gloves, tychem coveralls, full face respirator, etc) But anyway... Now I will make it a point to not take the Zyrtec on an empty stomach, and to snack regularly on sugary treats / drink sugary beverages when on it and to measure my glucose accordingly. It wasn't getting me high and making me "pass out drunk" it was making me wig out and pass out from Hypoglycemia! See I had been taking it "before bed" like hours after my last meal, etc. Not anymore.... Scary that shit can do that, yet is still over the counter.

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I used thd pressure washer in the horse shed, and it works beautifully. Other than I annoyed some wasps and got stung on both hands, plus the one that flew up the leg of my shorts. Not pretty.

Yeah, live and learn, Kev. I never heard of Zyrtex lowering blood sugar.

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Holy Crap. So now there are "Brain Eating Ameobas" in the flood waters in Florida.

Keep them there! They end up in the wrong neighborhoods here the little fellas will starve to death.

I used thd pressure washer in the horse shed, and it works beautifully. Other than I annoyed some wasps and got stung on both hands, plus the one that flew up the leg of my shorts.

I figured it would be pretty good in that application but your not supposed to use it to remove wasp nests. LOL Hit them with Raid first, then pressure wash away, one they are deceased. Shorts? Not exactly the appropriate PPE for that job... I didn't realize they had shorts in Wisconsin. Well outside of a polka band anyway.

Yeah, live and learn, Kev. I never heard of Zyrtex lowering blood sugar.

Yeah, it isn't "for that" though as it doesn't do so predictably. Its a "not uncommon side effect". Its actually pretty amazing the severe and major physiological effects some over the counter meds can have. Ive been reading up on it and Im stunned. Apparently "Over The Counter" sure doesn't mean "safe" Some of the side effects of common over the counter stuff amazed me - all kinds of nasty shit from hallucinations, to bleeding, to arrhythmias, to blood sugar excursions, spinal fluid pressure changes, etc. It seems whether a drug becomes over the counter doesn't have a whole lot to do with how safe it is. Herbals are even worse. Some of them are downright toxic. Jeez.

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We REALLY need to reign in the gender options. I consider myself the smartest person I know. An expert on sex, perversion, kink and smut. I am well traveled and having served in the pacific fleet I would like to think I could explain a few things to Dr Ruth Westheimer as I have seen and heard of stuff that doesn't even exist in this hemisphere.... I've been to dog and pony shows, monkey shows, octopus shows, snake shows, pig shows... Ive seen a woman get fucked up the ass by a tiger. Ive seen a woman pick up a quarter, and then shoot out two dimes and a nickel. Ive seen women smoke cigarettes with their twats - including striking the match, light it, puff, and blow smoke rings - all while singing "Puff The Magic Pussy". Ive seen shit eating displays that would leave the African "Ah-neal Lee-king" guy hyperventilate. Ive seen German Scheisshe shows, Russian BDSM / Snuff, Japanese rope bondage, bukakke, you name it. Hell Ive even seen a mother fucker eat his own severed balls raw....

What I have NEVER heard of is THIS bullshit....

The fourth-year computer engineering student used the name Scout and preferred the pronouns “they” and “them” rather than “him” or “her.”

“I’m bisexual, nonbinary and intersex,” Schultz wrote in a Pride Alliance profile.

THe only part of that bullshit I got was "bisexual". The rest I had to google. Its complicated but suffice it to say this little fucking faggot didnt understand the meaning of "Put the knife down" so a cop had to end his miserable confused existence. Good riddance. Congrats on a failed parenting job. Now your son is dead because you didnt beat him enough and punch him in the face until he learned the difference between a boy and a girl. REALLY EASY VISUAL TEST COULD HAVE SOLVED THAT. But these douche nozzles raised him to be a confused psycho who thought he was a "non binary intersexed them" when in reality he was just a confused little cocksucker who needed a beating or three from daddy.

Meanwhile - they RIOT and burn a police car, because this special snowflake committed suicide by cop...

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These pictures are unreal... FEMA made a token appearance three weeks into this clusterfuck...

BUT we haven't forgotten the ungrateful niggers...

God these niggers are UNREAL.

Trump should deport the niggers, at least the Mexicans are TRYING. These niggers are completely worthless.

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Glad to see you back posting, Kev. You had me worried with your talk of low blood sugar and then a day of silence.

I wasn't aiming at wasp nests, on account of my mother raised no fools. The wasps began to attack when I aimed the spray at the ground outside the doors to move the, er, material further downhill so it wouldn't block the flow. There were tall weeds there, and the wasps seemed to come out of the weeds. These stings raised welts, and I have red spots around them that still itch after two days. I've been stung by wasps before but never like this. The shorts were because it was hot and humid to beging with, and the only thing that blew back on me was dried manure. I'm used to manure.

I found a new Youtube channel by Rick Gore about horsemanship, and I'vd been binging on it for two days. He makes Buns laugh with his ripping on other people and calling them barn witches. Know-iy-alls who really know jack shit about a horse's way of thinking. I've run into a few of those in my time. He rides bitless, and he has me re-evaluating the situation with our Ginger, who hasn't been ridden since she reared up and went over backward on my older step-granddaughter. She has arthritis in her front feet, but now I am thinking her rearing might be behavioral. She was fine carrying weight on her back when she was led around in a halter, but the minute we got a saddle and bridle on her, she started to sweat and act nervous. She had been a riding school horse, and I know the rough handling those school horses get. I started working with her for the last two days, and now she will come when I call and follow me without a lead rope. She likes being brushed. Her main vice now is that she gets excited and pushy if you are carrying food. She needs to be set straight about that.

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I have a theory about welfare class black people, city people, and renters. They are not self-reliant, because they have depended on landlords for repairs and, in the first instance, their income. My mother used to volunteer in American Youth Hostelling, part of with was mzintaining ghe 'home' hostels with hostel parents who got a reduced rent in return for running these hostel sites. One of them was a historical house all the way out in Eagle, which was a beautiful old Italianate brick style that had some unfortunate remodeling done upon it. The first couple who ran it were lifetime renters, and they complained about every little thing and hadn't a clue about keeping books even for a non-profit. I warned my mother it would not work out because of their attitude, and I was right. The next hostel manager was a single guy who had experience rehabbing houses. I was always getting dragged along with her as free labor to do the heavy lifting, and I was there for the interview. He went around the place,and he was looking at unused rooms and seeing how he could make something out of them. I whispered to my mother that this guy was a keeper, because he was willing to take responsibility for his surroundings.

It's a learned helplessness thing. Many renters do not respect the property, because it isn't theirs and they know someone else will clean up their mess behind them.

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Im going to start studying for the LSAT's. I want to finish my JD and make a hobby out of sticking it up the asshole of the govt, DRY. Im just fucking enraged now. This country is a fucking DISGRACE. A global fucking disgrace.

Residents told KHOU 11 News they were given letters over the weekend demanding they clear out storage units by Tuesday or have their belongings thrown away. Letters from management also required residents sign a liability waiver.

Then, management asked residents to vacate the building by Saturday.

SO the SENIOR CITIZENS, got informed over the weekend to clean their storage units out by Tues or they lose their shit, and to be out of their apartments by fucking Saturday. REALLY???? SERIOUSLY????? Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?????

The worthless fucking niggers get sent apartment to apartment for TWELVE FUCKING YEARS of rent free living after Katrina, and they are on track for another decade after Harvey and the senior citizens get dicked in the ass and have to be out by Saturday? SERIOUSLY???? GRANNY GET ON YOUR FUCKING WALKER AND CLEAN OUT YOUR STORAGE UNIT OR WERE THROWING AWAY YOUR SHIT, BUT BEFORE YA DO SIGN THIS WAIVER!!!! OUT GRANNY OUT!!!! You can go find a roof over your head in DAYS. Doesn't matter you don't drive, live on social security, etc. OUT!!!!!

FUCKING GLOBAL FUCKING DISGRACE!!!! We need to clean the able bodied niggers out of the shelters then and get these seniors in.... I wanna fucking puke.


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Glad to see you back posting, Kev. You had me worried with your talk of low blood sugar and then a day of silence.

Thanks Randy, Im OK but cleaning out this storage unit is killing me. The prefilters on the respirator cartridges clog within a few hours. I will be SO glad when this project is finished because the mold is that bad. Im swearing in Tychem coveralls enough that theres liquid sweat in them and the respirator cartridges are only good for a few hours cause the contamination levels are so high.

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Yeah, my mother had the same sort of thing happen her first five monthes in the independent senior apartment with all the amenities. Someone left a door unlatched in the beauty salon two floors above her, it blew open during a January cold snap, and froze the pipes. That caused a flood that affected about eight apartments total.. My mother was told to find herself a place to stay and have her renters insurance take care of the bill. She wastechnically "independent" and able to fend for herself, but she was completely unable to handle a crisis. We had to find her an extended stay hotel with some form of food service, take her cat, and get her settled in. It ended up being two weeks before the drywall was completely dry and repaired and all her electronics had been checked out, also at her expense. I hope they made more adaptions for the assisted living neighbors who really were more physically disabled.

These supposedly full service senior communities are anything but. They charge twice the going rent for the apartments and charge extra for every service. I was pissed off to learn that they even charged for the exterior window washing, and it was up to the resident to move any furniture that blocked the windows. The storage units in those places are pitifully small, about three feet square, so all you can store in them is Christmas ornaments and other seasonal crap. Total ripoff.

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The other thing is that watching this Rick Gore dude has awakened my pleasure in horses. Single horse in my case. They aren't supposed to be alone, and the idea was that she would go backto her previous owner when the pony died. But she's so comfortable and happy here that we al, decided that it was best for her to keep her here with us. But a pasture buddy would make her happier. More work for us, though.

So now I'm looking at rescue horse adoption sitex, because those people will be honest enough to sed that the horse doesn't come back to them. I'm looking for 'dead broke' horse that won't give me much trouble and I can put my grandson on. I have been silently grieving the fact that I will never ride a horse again because Ginger is supposedly lame in the front feet, and when she dies her natural death, that will be the end of horses for me and my family. Now I have this little spark of hope for the future.

You should watch Rick Gore, Kev. He is hilariously non PC just like you. He has a channel about guns and another about how to think like a cop if you're not into horses.

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Ill have to check out that guys You Tube Channel.... What are the channels called? Just "Rick Gore" or is there a channel name?

Yeah that shit with the senior citizens REALLY pisses me off though. A lot of those people in the shelters are Katrina Refugees who have literally been on the tit for TWELVE YEARS. Ok, TWELVE FUCKING YEARS and now they are lining up to be Harvey Refugees for another decade. A decade from now, when we are all saying "What the fuck was that storm about ten years ago called? Herman? Henry? Heinrich? Oh yeah Harvey" THEY will still be living rent free, as "Harvey Victims" Yet these senior citizens are FUCKED. That just REALLY pisses me off.

For the record - I FINALLY got something out of this storm. FINALLY. One of my clients, gave me $1800 yesterday that she raised for Harvey relief through her business. She didn't want to give it to a professional parasite like a Katrina refugee, or God Forbid the red cross, and since I lost one house, one storage unit, and a month of business revenue, she decided I should get it. Let the record reflect that is ALL I have gotten. Still NOTHING from FEMA. Nothing from insurance. Not even an MRE, a bottle of water, or a pair of work gloves from the Red Cross. NOTHING. SQUAT. NADA. Suffice it to say I was deeply moved and it is appreciated as I am out THOUSANDS ALREADY and Ive just begun clean up.

Which brings me to Puerto Rico or as it is now known Peurto Pobreza ... The Orange one may want to run that statehood thing past them before we start restoring power, sending aid, rebuilding etc. It may be time to enact a "shit or get off the pot" approach to statehood. Ie - either you pass the resolution on the 10,000th try, or good luck to you - you are now independent. Its beyond time for this whole "your a citizen, you can vote, you can collect bennies, we send fema, but you don't have to pay any US Income Taxes thing" to end. Join up and well help rebuild our poorest and most heavily damaged new state, OR ya'll can "chupar mi culo y la esperanza de mejores días" Good chance to save some $$$ here.,,,

Speaking of the hurricane - looks like Joys trip to St Croix just went down in flames too. Maria took out what Irma missed. Hit St Croix head on... If I owned a cruise shit I would be selling it now. Exactly where is a carribean cruise going to go to now? Theres nothing left to see...

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The channel is called Think Like a Horse. He might have one called Think Like A Cop.

Here's one of a horse rescue in Houston. But the best ones are where he's ragging on women and calling them barn witches. This is a stereotype that is oddly accurate.

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Ill definitely check his channels out in more detail tonight tonight. Not sure I agree with his criticism of people who "abandoned" the horses. Fact of the matter is - that water came up damn fast, and a lot of the PEOPLE were unable to rescue themselves, much less their livestock. The Texas Game Wardens weren't taking horses in the Jon Boats, and the Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers sure weren't hoisting them into helicopters. If the waters stabilize, and you can come back for them later, in daylight, as these guys did then great but livestock is livestock.... No horse is worth getting killed over, or worse yet getting the poor bastard who has to come out to rescue you killed. But I do agree with him in general - re the "no he doesn't love you he's a horse". People assign far too much human emotion to animals.

Speaking of rescue missions, Im working up the nuts to go finish up the storage unit clean out mission. I intended to finish it up yesterday, but I got rained out. Thunderstorm with torrential downpours. God the streets flooded FAST. The drainage systems here must be SO clogged with debris now. I never saw water from a normal thunderstorm, rise in the streets like that. They better drop whatever the fuck they are doing and start clearing storm drains, or shit is gonna flood again! We have thunderstorms on tap for Tues, Wends, and Thurs of next week.

I will be SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOO fucking glad when that storage unit thing is finished. If I can get it done today, so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow Im gonna buy a bottle, take a shower, then a bath, then another shower, eat chinese food, get drunk, watch zombie movies and sleep till dark,,,, I SOOOO do not want to spend another 90+ degree day in Tyvek, with a respirator drinking two or three quarts of gatorade all of which I sweat into the suit... I am physically broken after a day of that....

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