Blitz attacks

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The finale did not disappoint. Madison has a talent for getting people killed.

In some respects I found the finale awesome, but in others I felt they massively jumped the shark, swallowed what balls they seemed to be developing, and bent over and spread their cheeks like good little hollywood liberals.

OK - the good first. Surprisingly - they, at least for awhile, had the courage to portray indians as "the bad savages' and "a racist" as "the good guy". But nope THAT couldn't last. We need to wrap everything up in a neat tidy little package that meets liberal dogma.

Fact of the matter is OTTO WAS RIGHT. He BOUGHT the land. Then the prarie niggers were killing his cattle, so he killed them. I got no problem with that. NONE. Cattle are worth more than prarie niggers. You cant auction prarie niggers at the livestock show, if you want to be able to pay your bills and run your business you need to sell your cattle and you cant have them killed by a bunch of indians who cant accept that they lost their land because they are ignorant worthless savage fucks who got their asses kicked by the calvary a century ago. Accept reservation life, run your casino, and wake up every day thanking the great spirit of the wolf fart that we allowed you to live. To the victors go the spoils. Don't bring a bow to a gun fight. Frankly - if I bought land and found indian burial mounds or other such "sacred" shit on them, I would first take a massive crap, then I would rent a D-8 and I would park on top of it and spin the tracks until there was nothing bigger than a grain of sand recognizable. Then I would dig that shit out, and truck if off site. Screw that shit. That whole "sacred remains of my ancestors" shit is just an extortion technique they use to tie you up in court, and cloud the title to your land. If the graves were so fucking important they would have headstones and would go back and visit. You cant wait 300 years until some backhoe operator finds a bone and then cry "my beloved ancestors". You didnt even know they were there and they might not even be yours.

Ditto for the Ofelia thing. He gave her sound survival advice and sent her on her way. He suggested she go home. He provided her water. He advised her to travel at night, and to avoid the heat of the day. ALL QUITE VALID. Nowhere is it written that he HAS to bring her home. HIS RANCH. He doesn't have to bring home every stray chica that decides to wander over our border. Frankly - she got off lucky - he COULD have brought her to the perimeter outposts, kept her chained to the bed, and made her a perk of serving in the militia. To be blunt, thats what I would have done. Pass out tickets to the men. Kill 25 walkers, get a ride on the chica. Complete 5 patrols, get an hour on the puta... Pussy is a powerful motivator for soldiers.

Which brings up some more bitching "OTTO IS A RACIST" Oooooooooooh Nooooooo, a RACIST!!!! EXCUSE ME, he is a man with PRIVATE PROPERTY who feels that he as a LAND OWNER has the right to control who lives on his property! The prarie niggers, and their pet spic, UNLEASHED A WMD ATTACK. THEY ATTACKED THE RANCH WITH ANTHRAX. But thats apparently ok because they aren't "racists". This shows the demented mindset of the Hollywood liberal. If you are brown, its OK to use biological weapons in a WMD attack. If you are brown, its OK to cut the top of peoples skulls off and let the crows eat their brains. If you are brown its OK to commit massacres, including women and children. All thats fine, because your not an evil right wing racist. I almost puked in my mouth with that whole "we are on the wrong side" crap. Otto was too patient. Fact of the matter is - I would have cleared out the prarie nigger nest the day after the ZA started. Once it became obvious that you could clean out that infestation without attracting any attention from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Walker, the reservation, and everyone on it would be in ashes. Troy should have been conducting his "research" there.... You had ongoing problems with him, you should have assumed it would come to a head once the rule of law was gone.

OK that said - I also found the Anthrax attack to be REALLY SLOPPY. Too many problems with that to even enumerate BUT - first of all you cant put it in the coffee. The heat would kill it. Gastrointestinal anthrax comes from raw / undercooked meat. To deploy anthrax as a weapon, it would have to be made into an aerosol powder and inhaled not put in coffee. NEXT, as a bacterial infection, it wouldn't be that fast onset. A bunch of hardcore survivalists, esp with military experience, would IMMEDIATELY and instantly recognize anthrax. In fact, as prepared as they are, they would probably have test kits for it. (Remember they didnt come there by accident after the ZA, these were hard core preppers wearing tinfoil hats while watching planes spreading "chemtrails". These are the kinds of people who were expecting Bill Gates, The Illuminati, and the Masons to spray them with hormones so they could turn them all queer and then while they were all busy singing show tunes at the FEMA pageant, NASA could come in and send their children to slave colonies on mars. OK this was a merry little band of devout Alex Jones viewers.) They would have recognized anthrax quickly, probably confirmed it by military standard test, and begun the standard Cipro or Doxycycline protocol. (Which also covers the "there is no cure" - yes there is - Cipro or Doxycycline. LOL More plausible would have been some native american poison - peyote, or mushroom toxin that puts everyone on a spirit quest and causes mayhem etc. Anthrax. Gimme a break. Sloppy, just sloppy.

Also sloppy is the forensics. Nick was about ten feet away when he shot old man otto. He was standing, otto was sitting. Downward trajectory. Exit wound / splatter would show an angling shot from the front. No burn from the muzzle flash. There would be NO WAY to pass that off as a "suicide" Keep in mind Jake is a LAWYER. He's had some training in criminal law, and interpretation of evidence. Again SLOPPY. This could have been avoided by a simple rewrite. Add a couple of lines of dialogue where Nick sides with otto. Turns on Madison. Goes over to the old man. Maybe even hugs him, pledges his loyalty and then SURPRISE puts one in his head from under the chin, or behind the ear.

The other thing that is becoming a bit of a downer is that "the clark family" is front and center for WAY too much shit. Survivalists have a heathy dose of paranoia, To be blunt we have LONG ago passed the point where I would have madison hanging naked from the ceiling with a set of jumpers cables attached to her labia while she explained to me why so many coincidences seem to happen around her fucking family and why since she arrived the founders are dropping like flies. I mean think about this... Her daughter was on the helicopter that went down, and miraculously SHE survived and the girl pilot Charlene didnt? Next thing ya know Alicia wrapping her legs around jake before Charlene's side of the bed is even cold??? Nick is first on the scene after the old man's house burns and then conveniently moves into it despite the fact that there are still people on the ranch living in tents and RVs. Slid right into a founders adobe house??? Madison was on the patrol that found the slaughtered people at the outpost, and miraculously they weren't massacred by walker. Madison and Nick found gretchen and her family dead. Nick worms himself into old man ottos inner circle and the old man starts drinking again. Nick joins the militia, they all end up poisoned most dead, but miraculously HE survives with a mild case. The poisoner was the wetback from the indian camp who madison just CONVENIENTLY KNEW and got on kitchen duty???? Madison has survived several "solo meetings" with Walker, without incident? Jake comes back partially scalped, but madison comes back without a scratch repeatedly? SORRY. Long before she was the sole witness to old Man Otto's "suicide" enough has happened that we long ago would have been driving red hot nails into nicks scrotum and playing "fun with vice grips " on Alicia's girly bits. Your talking hard core survivalists, many ex-military, and they all just blindly wander around and watch all kinds of weirdness happen, all of which seems to orbit around these newcomers... No. LOL

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What in the world is that?!

Thats a radio controlled model aircraft, demonstrating some of the capabilities of "vectored thrust" like they have in the F-35. You cant QUITE do that in an F-35 yet, but I would imagine by the time they get to the C or D variants, i.e. ten or fifteen years of updates / upgrades , you should be able to do that. The RC models demonstrate its aerodynamically possible, so it becomes a matter or working out the software and the thrust / weight ratio. Pretty cool!

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Ah, the maternal instincts of the negress... Groids have all of the nurturing instincts of a rabbit or a wolf spider...

Thats right, a three year old beaten to death by a pack of BT2000's for drinking milk... What MAGNIFICENT specimens they are too, just so warm and friendly looking LOL Gotta love "black culture". LMFAO

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I see you're using the Sotomayor term for those overly masculinized pugnacious dark women. That was actually a demonstration of the primitive female to kill offspring in the household that are not their own -- the evil stepmother trait. Most women control themselves, but those lacking in impulse control. . .

That's why I was so surprised by Cora and her two spinster daughters taking in the kittens and mothering them. A cat's a better mother than som chimp-brained morons.

Yeah, it seemed to me that Walker was as big a racist as Otto, other than the "You killed my father, prepare to die!" angle. I do get the feeling from Otto saying that the tribe sold their land for beer money, that the deal was not as square as he purported. Like his ancestor tricked the town drunk into signing over a title deed without having the authority to do so.

There was another mistake. It was a touching moment when Strand had the conversation with the Russian cosmonaut, who mentioned the world going dark thred days before his scheduled re-entry. Can't the Russians land themselves? Or is this guy choosing to stay up there and die?

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I see you're using the Sotomayor term for those overly masculinized pugnacious dark women. That was actually a demonstration of the primitive female to kill offspring in the household that are not their own -- the evil stepmother trait.

Yes - I am fond of Tommy's term. It fits. I don't think it is so much "evil step mother syndrome" as it is filial infantifice and prospective infanticide due to sexual pressures in the herd. Nigger does have have one purpose and one purpose only - breeding. Its not like 99.997% of them will ever compose a symphony, invent anything, write a work of literature, etc. They breed. Thats all they do, and their involvement ends at weaning. The presence of a male is transient at best, and the tend to dispose of unwanted and superfluous offspring to make way for the new buck and his progeny. This phenomena isn't confined to niggers either, wetbacks exhibit it to albeit usually to a lesser degree. Its always the Mexicsn mother of 6 who you will find wandering walmart at 2am on a school night with 4 school aged kids in tow. Or who will let their 11 year old drive. A lot of hispanics have the parenting instincts of a wolf spider, and generally the darker they are - meaning the more native or nigger in them - the worse it is. You wouldn't believe the shit I see down here. Kids unattended in walmart, aisles away from the mother. Store employees paying absolutely no mind. Kids playing alone in the toy section at 2am while mom grocery shops. (Toys are next to sporting goods half a store away) Shit one time I was at Walmart and their were little girls playing in the retention pond / drainage ditch - ALONE, after midnight. A retention ditch, in the summer, IN TEXAS. Probably the only thing that kept drug addict homeless child molesters away was the danger of cottonmouths and alligators - which I might add are nocturnal. But hey whats the big deal about losing a couple of kids along the way - you can start a "Go Fund Me" page, and get lots of sympathy and Juan or Tyrone will have a new one in your belly before the next kotex hits the floor.

Yeah, it seemed to me that Walker was as big a racist as Otto,

I would say he is FAR worse. I mean he crossed a line that NOBODY has thus far - not even The Governor or Negen. Hell not even the Termites or Wolves. Walker resorted to biological warfare and deployed a category 1 select agent against a civilian population. If you come to it - this fucking Injun community organizer launched an attack with a biological agent against a refugee camp. Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosoveich and Charles Taylor didn't go that far. But he's a fucking prairie nigger fighting the conservative white man so its OK in the Hollywood playbook.

I do get the feeling from Otto saying that the tribe sold their land for beer money, that the deal was not as square as he purported.

Doesn't matter. I don't give a fuck if Otto's great grandfather was a Calvary Col who made Chief Humping Dog sign over the land before he cut his head off and burned his teepee. The indians should wake up every fucking day, count their casino chips, and thank god they were moved to reservations and allowed to live. They brought a bow to a gunfight and they lost. Nobody said we had to allow them to live. Nobody said we had to relocate them. We could have just as easily exterminated them. Once upon a time genocide was the norm, not the exception. They should thank the spirit of the great shit fly that they were invaded by US and not Ghengis Khan, or Vlad Drucul, or Moses, or the Roman Legions. They wouldn't have casinos, reservations, tourist traps, or a Bureau of Indian Affairs if the Ottoman Turks, Mongols or Russians had shown up instead of a bunch of prim and proper English, Dutch and French stepping on their own dicks to try to show how Christian and civilized they were...

the Russian cosmonaut, who mentioned the world going dark thred days before his scheduled re-entry. Can't the Russians land themselves?

In theory they could, but it would be doubtful because this isn't a simple "lost communication" scenario. They could plan and execute a reentry burn independently under normal circumstances... BUT in this case I would doubt it because of all the other systems which they rely on that would be down... For example - the GPS network and radio telescopes to get positioning data, computers, telemetry, navigation beacons, mission control... Then if he did by some miracle plan and execute a workable reentry burn and hand fly it, he's is "coming down blind" onto a planet that is 71% water - so 7 out of 10 puts him the ocean with no pickup coming unless the USS Nathan James is conveniently in the neighborhood. Three chances out of 10 put him right in the middle of some clusterfuck he doesn't want to be in - like landing in the middle of the herd in the quarry in alexandria, or the top of everest, or a bombed out radioactive city. Even if by some miracle everything went perfectly, and he landed exactly at his normal site in Khzakstan he will be 400 miles from nowhere, with -40 temperatures, a two day survival kit, and no pickup team coming. So I would say his statement about "I'm talking to you from my grave" was pretty accurate. He might as well just stay up there until his orbit decays and his body - living, dead, or zombified burns up on reentry.

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YAAAY! At least the writers of Fear The Walking Dead are thinking right, its the editors who are pussies! Deleted scene...

Remember when I said I would taken ofelia as perk for the militia? Seems Otto considered it too...

"They cut the part where he tells Ofelia all he'd use her for is as a 'comfort girl'," she said. THAT is why she spits at him."

At least the writers aren't trapped in liberal kumbaya fantasy la la land.

Quite frankly - a similar situation exists for Madison and Alicia too. Not necessarily the brothel, though that would depend on their attitude, but one thing is for damn sure - if they found themselves at my compound they would earn EVERY handful of dried beans that they found on their plate. And NOT as "The Leader". Sorry sweetheart, don't care if your an uptight city bitch from LA who was a guidance counselor - all leadership positions here are full. HOWEVER, you've got latrines to clean, laundry to do, garbage to burn.... Someday, after we have spent months watching you about as closely as a KGB agent would watch a british guy in a Tuxedo driving an Aston Marton around Moscow, THEN you just might get to wash dishes and peel potatoes but for now you have a sixteen hour workday, involving NOTHING related to our food, water, security, medical care, or supplies. You are to go NOWHERE unescorted. You WILL be locked in at night. You are subject to search at any time for any reason. You are to write, record, or photograph nothing and will have no access to any type of weapon or communications device. You are to speak only to authorized personnel, and then you will avoid topics related to the camp layout, security, location, tactical position, or resources. If I even THINK you are doing something like "pacing off distance to the perimeter fence" or "attempting to locate supply caches" you will regret it as nobody has ever regretted anything before in the annals of human history. In this facility, at this time, you have no say so about nothing, and will do what you are told, when you are told, how you are told, without hesitation or reservation. You will not offer your opinion, If I want you to have an opinion I will issue you one. The ONLY thing I ever want to hear coming out of your snoot is "YES SIR". The sole goal of your life from this point onward is making me happy that I decided to give you this opportunity. You have no other concern beyond this. Once you have been vetted properly, and EARNED your way into this organization, making your bones so to speak, you will be informed of your new status and issued appropriate attire other than your current scrubs and flip flops. Meanwhile, fuck up even this much, make me even wonder if Ive fucked up by letting you in here, and you and little miss sugar tits go to the militia brothel which will then be serving white meat for a change, and your junkie son goes to Troys lab cause much to the dismay of our gay and bi residents, his IV drug history makes him an unacceptable HIV risk so he's not even worthy of the fuck farm.

But NOoooo - "Hi bossy woman who came here with literally nothing, not even a box of bandaids or a can of franks and beans, want to see our food pantry and armory? By the way, heres a gun. We realize you have no useful skills, and come with two pieces of baggage including a burned out junkie, but would you please take over, ya know cause were kind of short of Alpha males here with all these military special operations types. We need a bitchy liberal guidance counselor to call the shots. All the decades we have been preparing for starting over after Armageddon, we always dreamt of a world where we would be under the thumb of a cunt with a California teachers union membership card " LOL

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OOOOOPSIE..... LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!! Seems NBC News cant even avoid #FAKENEWS when it comes to Amelia Earhart

ROFL NICE! Good work NBC News you fucking idiots. LOL The photo was of someone else and was published TWO YEARS before she disappeared. So little credibility left...

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I'm very fond of Tommy myself. He has Momna issues that leave mine in the dust.

I saw a video of a speech at American Rennaissance by a 50/50 German/Commanche guy who said that he doesn't believe in that theft of land by Europeans nonsense. He said that the Commanche got beat fair and square after a fifty year fight, and that he held in high respect anyone who could beat the Commanche. He also said that the European settlers and the US Government were the most decent victors in history, leaving their vanquished alive and free, and even setting aside land for them.

I meant that Mad7son gets people killed everywhere she goes because of her own self-centeredness. Her conflict with the Abigail housekeeper over Nick being influenced certainly added to the burning of the estate. Her hissy fit over Travis's psychotic kid led to Chris's death, and she turned on the damn lights in that hotel to signal Nick, but got Travis instead and must have led to the overrun of the place. And now, she lets Walker in. I don't have any idea how Troy and Jake will figure in, but it won't be pretty in the back season. I agree with Alicia that living with her made Daddy Clarke suicidal, and I would be an addict like Nick if I had a mother like her. She both smothers and ignores. I agreed with Otto that Alicia was an adult and didn't need rescuing right then. And I don't feel the least bit sorry for her after the shocking revelation that she shot her father in the head. She's a survivor, but I don't want to be standing next to her.

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Randy - I agree wholeheartedly about Madison. Frankly she is the "Rick" of this show. The bumbling and completely inept leader whose bad judgement and lack of strategic thought makes her more lethal than the zombies. I think this fucked up selection of leaders in particular, and survivors in general, goes back to the comic book roots of The Walking Dead universe. The leaders and survivors that emerged are generally not what would actually happen, but rather are the fantasy of the shall we say "underdogs" who lead the comic book life. (Im not talking the occasional reader, or the financial investment collector. I am talking the cosplaying, convention going, hard core fanatic who is so into it they would be drawn to the "real world superhero thing" like Anal Warrior over in Saginaw. LOL Its interesting how the NCO in the 75th Ranger regiment died on his knees, but some nigger who thinks he's at the Renaissance Festival leads an army...

Speaking of which - these "survival shows" make me fucking CRAZY. I have nat geo on in the background and they have this dildo in sandals "surviving" in Africa. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME DUDE??? I don't care HOW bad you want calories - HONEY is NOT an option. You do not fuck with bee hives, especially not in africa, in a survival situation. You ALSO do not hunt things that can hunt you back. "Ooooh Im gonna catch and cook this cobra" WRONG. Risk benefit. Stick to grasshoppers and small rodents. Fuck with a cobra - good plan. Yes if in a aurvival situation, start messing with an animal that can essentially "spit nerve agents 20 feet". Think about it - neurotoxic venom, with effects not too different from VX. If you have it in your eyes, mucous membranes or an open wound your fucked. Yes choose that for a potential meal.

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This is the kind of thing that makes me proud to be a Boer. :D

These white south africans grabbed a shit skin off the street. Stuffed him in a coffin and threatened to either burn him alive or throw a snake in there with him. ROFL TOOOO FUNNY listen to that nigger squeal and shriek. Yeah thats ACTUALLY a buck, not a doe. He squeals like a doe, but its not.

ROFL. Love it. I bet his drawers were as brown as his skin LMFAO.

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I read that story from SA. Do you think he was just walking down the street minding his own business or was he tresspasxing like the two farmers said?

Also, I used my inversion table on full upside down today holding a fifteen pound weight. I measured myself right after and was half an inch taller. I don't know how long that lasted . . .

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AH I love to see Darwininsm at work... a 57 year old woman was killed by jet blast.

I've seen the idiot drunken college kids do it, every fucking time a plane comes in or goes out. But I didnt expect a 57 year old to get it. YES FOLKS, THE "YOU MAY DIE" SIGNS ARE REAL. LOL

Do you think he was just walking down the street minding his own business or was he tresspasxing like the two farmers said?

Oh he was probably trespassing. They are always up to no good. But hell, Im oK with it regardless. They should have done it just cause he shrieks like a bitch. For gods sake, show some PRIDE man. LOL You might think your gonna die but don't die like THAT.

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It is NEVER good when your balls are bigger than your brains but this must be the stupidest identity thief in America....

SERIOUSLY - You assume the identity of a dead baby, and then you go out and captain's license and a TWIC card????

Knox obtained the birth certificate of a day-old infant named Christina White, who died in 1965, and used that document to establish a new identity. Using the dead baby's document, Knox snagged a Social Security number, state ID, a passport, a merchant mariner's license and transit worker identification credentials, prosecutors said. She even used the fake name to buy a firearm.

SERIOUSLY???? Maybe ya should ya know like "get a job as a cashier at HEB and not do anything that requires walking into MULTIPLE OFFICES of Homeland Security and being fingerprinted and background checked???

Even more disturbing - HOW THE FUCK DID SHE PULL THIS OFF THIS LONG. Yes, they busted her, BUT shes gotten away with it since the mid 90's???? How the fuck are we gonna "vet" refugees and immigrants if it takes us 30 fucking years to catch someone who walks into the Coast Guard office, pisses in a cup, gives fingerprints and DNA, has a physical exam, and has a background investigation to verify their sea service and moral fitness.... Jesus. Bin Laden is probably living here practicing gynecology in Beverly Hills....

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God some people are FUCKING STUPID. Apparently - queso dip had to be recalled because the labels didn't specify that it contained cheese and milk.

HELLO - FUCKTARDS - QUESO MEANS "CHEESE". Awwwww poor people with allergies, boo hoo. Maybe, just maybe, if your too fucking stupid to know that CHEESE contains CHEESE without being explicitly told , taking your defective anaphylaxis prone ass out of the gene pool just might be a better thing for mankind. CAUTION - YOUR CHEESE MAY CONTAIN CHEESE. LMFAO

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Ya know - as a Republican before being a Republican was cool - I have to say, I REALLY THINK WE NEED TO SET UP INTERNMENT CAMPS AND TO SEND THE THUMPERS AND "MURCA" FUCKTARDS TO THE SHOWERS / OVENS... How did these fucking idiots get into my party????

What brings this rant on? Well - George Romero - father of the Zombie genre died...

The comments are simply unbelievable. Absolutely unfuckingbelievable. What a bunch of ignorant cocksuckers. Its amazing how a bunch of fucktards absolutely obsessed with a jewish hippie who came out of his tomb to go wander the countryside visiting with his besties for 40 days, can be so hateful of zombie movies. LOL Dumb fucks, they don't even realize that by definition they pray to a zombie...

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Aw, jeez. Romero is dead, and 77 is too young to go. I read some of the comments and didn't get as far as the serious Jesus stuff.

That movie scared the crap out of me when I saw the original. I was turned off by meat for awhile. I had a slight flashback when visiting the Pennsylvania cemetery where my Revolutionary War ancestors are buried. It resembled the one in the movie, other than it had no roads in it for new burials. I didn't feel that Romero ridiculed flyover country, other than the hootin and hollerin zombie shoots. It's also very likely they'd quit if someone they knew showed up dead. I live among rednecks, and they have their standards.

Speaking of ambulatory dead, I've been binging on the Game of Thrones commentary videos on YouTube and learned that anyone who is resurrected by magic is not really living. I've read the books of the the end of what GRRM has written, and I was curious to see how the HBO show had taken it into uncharted territory. A much beloved character died at the end of the books, and, no surprise, he is back, but with limitations that are not readily apparant.

I with GRRM would hurry up and finish the final book, which may have some differences from the TV version. There is a special place in hell for authors who start a long serial story, with hints and foreshadiwings, and then leave it hanging. From the look of the man, he's one hearty laugh awzy from a heart attack.

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I read some of the comments and didn't get as far as the serious Jesus stuff.

Maybe they are buried - pun intended, or the moderator cleaned it up, but it was out of hand. "Good riddance he was satans servant turning people against christianity" , "He mocked the rapture" , "Hopefully he repented and was saved, otherwise you know where he went" . Zombies are muslims. He was a muslim. Blah blah blah. It was fucking INSANE.

He was half cuban half lithuanian, born in the bronx, and educated in PA. The movies didnt mock Christianity, in fact they were based on it. Romero didnt have "a disease" his thing was "When there is no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth" which is promised by Revelations. The movies also had fantastic social commentary for their day. For example the rampant consumerism in Dawn, or the black dude getting shot down at the end in Night - even though he lived. Medical ethics - or more specifically the lack thereof in Day, class warfare and exploitation in Land etc... Romero more than earned his place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and his work is part of Americana... He literally invented a genre, not many film makers can say that.

I watched The Strain last night. It was good, BUT they made a YUGE shark jump in casting. Roma Mitra is now "Charlotte" Fez's love interest and a female nuclear weapons expert. As far as Im concerned that COMPLETELY ruined the character for me, and makes it impossible to "suspend disbelief" The casting director must be either crazy or stupid. How could he not know that The Strain, and The Last Ship will share a common audience and we now have "Dr Rachel Scott" fresh back from saving the world and finding the cure, now running around THIS apocalyptic landscape as Charlotte to save the day. I wouldn't have even considered her. I would have been like Rhona, your a talented actress BUT not talented enough to play the heroine on TWO sunday night summer post apocalyptic dramas...

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Romero invented an entire genre by accident, when a last minute re-edited copy of Night went out to theatres without the usual copyright notice, leaving the entire conception of walking corpses in the public domain and what a creative wave it sparked.

This concept of other authors ariting in their created worlds was shared by HP Lovecraft and JRR Tolkien. Lovecraft left no heirs, and he aould be forgotten today if August Derleth and Robert Bloch hadn't literally stolen an orphaned copyright and published collections of his stories. Bloch was his good friend and had Lovecraft's consent to write in his world, so Bl8ch and Derleth were doing him a kindness. JRR Tolkien was similarly generous before he died, and it wasn't until his son took ovef that the Tolkien Estate became so litigious. They even sued a breeder for giving a prize bull a Tolkien name.

So here's to Romero, who owned it by encouraging 'Romero zombie' fiction. A friend of mine gave me a book about the making of that film and the people in it. Very interesting reading indeed. And no, the original movie gives the reason for the re-animation of corpses as radiation from an unknown satelite activating the brainstem of the recently dead. There is one macabre newscast about a fresh medical cadaver without arms or legs beginnging to writhe and bite on the table. The bite deaths were attributed to human oral bacteria and reduced immunity. That whole hell is full thing made a great motto for Dawn, but that took place more or less at the same time as Night, and showed what would happen in a non-rural area with enough population to 'flash over' as I once put it. How long that satelite remains up there producing radiation is anybody's guess.

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And no, the original movie gives the reason for the re-animation of corpses as radiation from an unknown satelite activating the brainstem of the recently dead

That is not definitive. The "Venus Probe" radiation explanation was just a theory put out by one of the people on the TV newscasts. In the original "Night of the living dead at 58:00 Its not a definitive answer just an anti-nuclear snowflake who is immediately refuted by the military officer. No Romero film has ever offered a definitive cause - just characters speculating on possible causes.

For example in Day... From 44 - 48 min the helicopter pilot is talking to Sarah the scientist. Notice she doesn't have any explanation, nor can she correct him that its radiation, a virus, etc.... This facility, and particularly her, would know more than anyone yet she has no explanation to offer.

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