Blitz attacks

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One of the main reasons though for having "your own" router is the level of control it gives you. See a lot of people think that a router is "the doo dad you use to get on the internet" but in reality it is SO much more than just an access point. Its more like "the gateway that interconnects networks - both local (LAN) and wide area (WAN) and directs traffic between then. It lets you allocate resources, restrict access, etc.

For example at home we run our local network, the VPN back to the office, the "things" network, and the guest network. Our local is just what it sounds like - the secure restricted password protected access complete with file and printer shares. I can get stuff off certain folders on Char's devices and vice versa, we can both get stuff off the home server, we can both store stuff on the home server, use devices hooked to each others machines etc. Like Char can scan a document in my HP multifunction from her phone, or I can cut something from the Cameo attached to her desktop, or either of us can print to the color inkjet in the kitchen from our computers, phones, or iPads etc. The VPN back to the office is a "wide area network" that essentially securely connects our home to the office. So - its actually an encrypted tunnel from our devices to the office. So for example if Im working from home, but will need 20 copies of something at the office tomorrow I can direct them to the office printer. Or I can open up a CAD file on the office server, plot it on the plotter, and it will be sitting there in the morning. Its the same as "being there" without having to be there... The "Things Network" is new. Thats all the doo dads, gizmos, and whatchamacallits, that need internet connectivity or that use wifi but that I don't want having keys to the kingdom so to speak. Things like WiFi Enabled TV's, Gaming Consoles, Streaming services, and so forth. They have an EXTREMELY tight, extremely crippled network that allows them JUST what they need to work. For example Port 5100 is the various web cams. Thats blocked so we can proudly prance around buck ass naked without fear that we are being broadcast on a Ukranian voyeur porn site. (Yes they CAN turn on your web cam without activating the little light - and they can do it even if your machine is asleep.) 42000 - 42999 are streaming audio streams - they are allowed IN but not OUT, so we can breath easy knowing our TV has not been turned into a listening device, and so forth. Each device has access to ONLY what it needs to do what it needs to do and nothing extra that can be exploited. Then the guest network is available so people can access their email, basic web browsing, and so forth - BUT the ONLY network resources they have access to are the printer in the kitchen, and "read only" access to the public directory of the home media server - so like they can listen to music, watch movies or recorded shows, etc. BUT they cant save them, copy them, upload them to file sharing sites, etc. They also cant get on IRC, Darknet, Silk Road, Peer to Peer file sharing networks, torrent sites, etc. In other words - nothing that may one day result in a process server or a SWAT team coming to the door. (This is a little bit paranoid for home - as I PROBABLY don't have any pedeophiles, drug dealers, or credit card thieves coming to my Barbecues but hey ya never know. They don't get on the list UNTIL they get caught so better safe than sorry. However, this is a MUST for the public WiFi at the office as I don't even know a lot of those people and a public WiFi is a favorite place to do things that are naughty that you don't want coming back to your IP.,2817,2428032,00.asp

Theres a thing about setting up some of this stuff...

Another really handy thing with Routing is that you can use something called "IPTables" to ALLOW or DENY certain IP ranges, IP numbers, or ports... So for example - you can "DENY ALL" from India so you cant even be reached by someone in India. Or you can "DENY INBOUND" which will make it that you cant get an incoming team viewer connection. OR you can do "DENY ALL :5938, ALLOW XXX.XX.XX.XXX:5938" to block the port for team viewer to all EXCEPT those known approved IP's that you specifically allow - like the IT Department but only if connected through the vpn. Like at the office one of my wonder kids couldn't turn on Team Viewer if they tried, because it will ONLY accept incoming connections, from a member of the "Administrator" group, and then only from a known IP address. (Which isn't a problem, because with the VPN it doesn't matter where I am - home, traveling, on WiFi somewhere, when I log into the vpn, the DHCP server will assign me my reserved IP based on my login credentials. Or you can use "whitelists" (allowed) and Blacklists (Denied) where for example you can Blacklist "ALL" but then use the whitelist to "ALLOW" those sites you will allow for that user. So in a business setting lets say you "put and" on the blacklist. But then you have a person who is responsible for social media marketing. You can do "ALLOW , -u Cassie -g Administrators , Management" and now the Admins group can use them, the Management group can use them, and the user "Cassie" can use them. Everyone else will be denied and redirected to an "I'm not paying you to Tweet. Get back to work!" page. This also works well with kids.... Magic School Bus - white list, black list. Or for example - if you don't want kids staying up all night on some device - be it gaming, web surfing, chatting you can set time limits. After 10pm, the net locks up tighter than a crabs ass and all you can access with that user is , , or Pick one or get your ass to bed cause thats all your getting. LOL

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The sheer ineptitude of the US Govt is staggering. The FBI is in a giant pissing match with Apple because they refuse to provide them with a piece of software the will unlock the San Bernadino shooter's iPhones. Absolutely fucking HILARIOUS.

Apparently the FBI lacks the skills of a 14 year old mexican kid. LOL The FBI should send the fucking phone to the Houston field office, the have an agent take it to the Mexican flea market on Airline Drive. They will get it unlocked wile they wait for $20. While they are there they can get some gang tattoos, some social security cards, drivers licenses from a variety of states, pick up a new vin # plate complete with a matching title, bet on the chicken fights, drink some tequila moonshine, get a blowjob from a 12 year old ... Bring your buddies from the ATF the selection of guns is to die for - better than the Lone Star gun show with no pesty paperwork.... (Incidentally - YES, Im serious. I don't even understand how it can exist, but thats a "sanctuary city" for ya.)

Really though - I am incredulous that the FBI can not unlock an iPhone. You DON'T need apple to do it, otherwise there would be no value in stolen phones. Its horrifying that pawn shops and mexican flea markets have more tech skill than the FBI.

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Kev, it's really as easy as a trip to the Mexican flea market? Heysus!!! The government needs to hire you as a consultant :)

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Kev, it's really as easy as a trip to the Mexican flea market? Heysus!!!

Joy - yeah sadly it is. Thats where stolen iPhones end up. Unlocked, "jailbroken" and for sale at the mexican flea market. All those little bodega cell phone stores break into iPhones too. Say you Its actually a lot easier then they let on. There are various programs. You can connect it to a computer on your own network and spoof on your DNS, etc. Its REALLY not that hard.

Here. Houston Craigslist $5

Houston Craigslist again:

Im telling ya the FBI needs to take it to a wetback. They will have it unlocked in two minutes. LOL

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Okay, I got the new modem up and running. Further tweks will happen after my grandson uses the wifi and Netflix for the next 28 hours. Sweet little guy. He still wanted to come to MeeMaw and PeePaw's house without any wireless internet. The older one decided to skip the drop off visit tonight because, not wifi or Netflix. LOL I'm happy that I won't disappoint him tomorrow night when he HAS to stay here for four hours.

Poor little Zack is getting over a bad cold and is very subdued. Just as well. He matches our energy level for once.

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Joy - this is the flea market I was referring to - Hard to believe this is in AMERICA isn't it? Fourth largest city in America and you would think your in a turd world country.

Note the LIVE CHICKENS at 126 LOL

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Oy, not as "classy" as the one we go to in Florida. The only white person I saw was Ronald McDonald. Looks like a good place for Donald to start his round up. As much as I hate winter, I'd rather stay in this cold and snow than to have to look at Mexicans every time I left the house. Speaking of Donald, guess we know now for sure that he will be the next President, since the Kaffer-in-Chief declared that he won't.

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LOL Yeah isn't that "special" LOL You wouldn't even think you in America. Honestly - you see MORE Americans in Cancum or Puerta Vallarta than you do there. You can however find anything that has ever been stolen in Texas, as well as anything that is against the law.

Looks like a good place for Donald to start his round up.

AMEN! When I am sworn in as an officer in the Trumpenstassel that is the first place I shall lead my special services brigade. Well second place... Democratic Party HQ will be first. I don't think we even need to round them up. Just lock the gates with them inside. The flea market can become the camp. LOL The only thing I haven't figured out is how to dispose of them. Showers wont work. You cant get messy cans into a shower LOL

Speaking of Donald, guess we know now for sure that he will be the next President, since the Kaffer-in-Chief declared that he won't.

Yeah - Hillary must be pissed. Obama is too stupid to comprehend that his nigger ass is so despised that a criticism is the best endorsement. Half of America just said to themselves - the Nigger Doesn't Want Trump??? VOTE TRUMP!

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you see MORE Americans in Cancum or Puerta Vallarta

Maybe, but no thanks. A friend and I took a cruise to the Caribbean a few years ago to celebrate my 60th BD. After the first stop on one of those islands, I refused to get off the boat for the rest of the trip. I hadn't seen that much black since my last ride through the Hill District of Pgh. Costa Rica wasn't too bad, only because we only left the small resort once, and that was enough. We never left the resort in Punta Cana, so that was OK. Passed up the invite to Anguilla this spring. I assume there are Mexicans there, and where we would be staying (cabins on the beach) there are also mosquitos - UCK! I'll skip all that plus the airport hassles with customs and all the rest and stay right here in my White House - LOL.

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this is the flea market I was referring to - Hard to believe this is in AMERICA isn't it

I bet a lot of people can find their stolen stuff there.. I remember years ago when hubby had some stuff stolen from his work van the cops told him to go check out flea markets and see if any of his stuff was there but they themselves couldn't do anything other than make the report..Like really? Hubby forewarned them he would not only take his stuff back if he found it he would kick their asses and the cops were like oh no sir, don't do that..I personally hate flea markets, my mother in law (bless her soul) would have me go with her years ago when we lived in Virginia to any road side flea market and garage sales in quest of that infamous musical jewelry box and Pepsi glasses she collected...Everytime she found and would open up jewelry boxes I expected to find someone's long lost dime bag

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Bleurgh, what a night. Poor Zack was miserable with his cold and kept crying for his daddy. We all missed sleep.

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Here is something you don't see at flea markets up north. LOL

Im telling ya, its a third world country... They "come out of love" though and they "enrich our culture".. LMFAO

I bet a lot of people can find their stolen stuff there..

Yeah - you can get things there that you don't even know are illegal. If its stolen, contraband, or otherwise illegal you can get it there. Whats amazing is how "open" they are about it. Bunch of fucking bandits and thieves LOL

Like for example the fireworks are illegal. You can buy fireworks in texas, but certain kinds at certain times of year. At a Mexican flea market you can get ANYTHING right up to the 6" mortars like they use at baseball games or municipal displays. Fake ID's. Stolen ID's and credit cards. VIN #'s and car titles. (So many of them work in body shops. They will buy late model totals then resell the VIN # plates and salvage titles. SO you can buy a valid VIN # and matching title, and then go steal a matching car to put it on...) Guns, knives, and miscellaneous and assorted weapons. Drug precursors and paraphernalia. Knock-off goods. Pirated movies that they don't even try to hide. I mean like they will literally sell it to you on a burned DVD - labelled with a sharpie - while its still in the theatre. Any job a Mexican does they will use to get access to something to steal and sell at the flea market. Rx meds. Professional Use Only Products. Car inspection stickers (we don't have them anymore, we did away with them last year) Fighting dogs. Fighting chickens. You name it. Its like some kind of post apocalyptic mad max swap meet. LOL

If I was Attorney General I would be suspending Posse Comitatus , deputizing the 82d airborne, and jumping them into those places. You'll find a felony on open display at every third booth and the other two are doing it under the counter. LOL

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Bleurgh, what a night. Poor Zack was miserable with his cold and kept crying for his daddy. We all missed sleep.

Ouch that sucks. Sometimes all ya can do is dose them with benedryl, put them to bed, and wait for them to get better. They will either survive or not. LOL Thats the approach Char takes with me. LOL

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Unfortunately, Zack just came off a series of antibioticx for a mild case of pneumonia, and it has turned him against medicine for the rest of his life. All we had was children's acetominaphen in liquid form, and that was a no go. Same with classix Vicks Vaporub or even a hot bath to break things up. This is how they act when they're three.

Can you give me a crash course in ethernet cables? The one I'm using came with the computer back in 2010 and may be part of the problem I'm having with the performance of the desktop. I did some windos shopping online and got myself totally confused with CATs and shielding and everything. I could use a longer cable, just for starters.

Needless to say, my wireless needs are nothing like yours. I just need three mobiles and a TiVo working efficiently at the same time.

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Can you give me a crash course in ethernet cables? ....

I did some windos shopping online and got myself totally confused with CATs and shielding and everything. I could use a longer cable, just for starters.

Sure - to start at the vary beginning. Ethernet is a system that uses 4 pairs of twisted wires. Well actually in most cases they only USE two pairs, but the cable has 4 pairs. Think back to the old telecom days - better to lay the wire now and have extra pairs for later. Same as phones only use two wires but have four. All this stuff is a descendant of telecom wiring. Remember those bundles of lots and lots of colorful wire? Some solids some stripes etc? Well ethernet is a 4 pair cable consisting of orange / striped orange, blue / striped blue, green / striped green and brown / striped brown. These wires are twisted around each other and as such are conveniently called "TWISTED PAIR", Hence the T in "10 Base T" . You will see this called either UTP, or STP. UTP is your "plain ethernet" the wires are UNSHIELDED hence the U in "Unshielded Twisted Pair". This is FINE for you and comprises the majority of ethernet. STP is kind of a special (read EXPENSIVE) animal in which each pair is individually wrapped in foil then the four pairs are themselves wrapped inside a metal braid like a coaxial cable is. Essentially each pair is wrapped in a faraday cage individually, and then the cable itself is encased in yet another faraday cage. This is to prevent crosstalk and induction etc yada yada yada. They are ALL the rage among the dorks at retail computer stores. Heres the reality - you don't need it. UTP, where the four pairs are twisted around each other and then encased in a vinyl jacket is FINE. I wouldn't fuck with STP unless I was doing a very special application - like TRUE gigabit which you'll never do outside of a datacenter EVER, or something truly mission critical like "high radiation environments" like nuclear reactor control circuits, data loops at a radar site, space probes, things you want "EMP Hardened" like avionics on military jets, etc. I can think of only two "non exceptional uses" for STP cables - Robotics that you absolutely positively don't want picking up interference or worse yet emitting a signal like "bomb squad robots" and "CNC Plasma Cutters" where you have a high power high frequency arc that could make your cutter go a little crazy if it induced interference in the cable. Note that I'm NOT talking "home electronics". I once did a computer network in an FM radio station, and even in the control rooms I used standard UTP cable. So for your needs just go with UTP and be prepared to accept slow internet after a nuclear war....

This brings us to categories - aka "Cat" as in "Cat 5" which is the most common. Cat 3, is your good old fashioned "ethernet". It has a throughput of 10 Meg per second and quite frankly it pretty much no longer exists. These cables are usually, but do not HAVE to be grey. Cat 5 is "10/100 Base T" with a theoretical throughput of 100 meg per second. Cat 5e is "enhanced category 5" which is a cat 5 cable that MAY, but is not certified for, speeds up to 1 GB per second. Cat 5 and 5e are usually - but do not HAVE to be blue or green. Cat 6 is "Gigabit +" cable, certified for speeds over 1,000MB per second. Basically they are the same shit but the higher the speed, the thicker the jacket and the tighter the twist. More twists per cm means reduced inductance / crosstalk. Now for the real world. Cat 5 is all any normal business or home user will ever need. OK if your sending data across the network faster than 100 Meg per second, your into some pretty hairy shit. Two caveats here. #1 Just because it CAN do it doesn't mean that YOU will ever do it. #2 Certified means "the engineer was willing to put his ass on the line to say this will perform as expected". So for example - the kid at the store who doesn't know shit from shingle will say "OH YOU NEED THIS CATEGORY 6 SHIELDED CABLE WITH THE GOLD PLATED PINS!!! ITS CERTIFIED FOR 2.5 Gig PER SECOND!" Uh, No. Because you gonna bring it home and plug it into your 10 Base T hub and it will perform no better than a Cat 3 cable from the dollar store. This is not a case where "more is better". Your performance limiting factor is the going go be the slowest thing on your network. So plugging a Cat 6 cable into a 100 Base T network card isn't going to make you go any faster than 100 Mps. If the other end of that cable gets plugged into a 10 Base T hub you'll do 10 Mps. Period. Even though your cable is Cat 6, and its plugged into a cat 5 card, you'll work at Cat 3 speeds. Ditto if your computer is the latest and greatest, and then you try to pull files off the old dinosaur with the 10 base T card... Buying faster than your slowest is throwing $$$ away, unless you upgrade EVERYTHING there will be no improvement. Also note that "Certified for" means "don't cry to me when your reactor melts down or your Mars Lander is lost. I only said it was certified for 100 meg per second, your the dumbass who tried to put 900 meg per second of telemetry through it!" So - go with Cat 5, because as I mentioned in an earlier post while gigabit is all the rage hard drives, even high end server hard drives, don't have that much throughput. It doesn't make a lot of sense to wire for 1 BILLION, if your hard drive can only read 33 million and your network card can only do ten million. Sort of like pissing into the grand canyon. You aint gonna fill it, no matter how cool the kid at best buy thinks it is to try cause he has a nerdgasm from reading the specs.

Now we come to the question of jacks and straight vs crossover. OK they all use RJ-45 Jacks. Ie "the big phone plugs" there are two main types of jacks / configurations T-568A and T568B. In A the colors for pins 1 through 8 are green, striped green, striped orange, blue, striped blue, orange, striped brown and brown. in B they are striped orange, orange, striped green, blue, striped blue, green, striped brown and brown. These are for "Straight through cables" assuming that both ends are the same. Now if you have a cable with one A end and one B end, thats called a CROSSOVER CABLE. If you accidentally get your hands on one of those and use it, it will drive you apeshit. If you notice on the pinouts I gave above the difference between the 568A and the 568B is that the positions of the orange/striped orange and green/striped green pairs are reversed. It doesn't matter if a cable is A or B, as long as its a straight through. Hold it up, and look at the colors - if both ends are A or both ends are B, your good. If one end is an A and the other is a B, its a crossover cable and you should not use it. (Crossover cables are special purpose things. For example - connecting one ethernet hub to another (You have a ten port hub and need to add more devices so you buy another hub), or connecting 1 pc to another without a hub / switch / router (Ie before I work on this let me use a crossover cable and pull a backup from its hard drive) or taking your notebook to "port in" to a cisco router or firewall if for example you cant SSH into it. Specialized things you will probably never do - so no need for a crossover cable. HOWEVER, there are a lot of them floating around, so make sure you don't accidentally use one and if you have one LABEL IT as such. I cant tell you how many perfectly good network cards, or even computers have been replaced by someone trying to use a crossover cable without knowing what it was. (See a lot of times they will be kicking around cause you get on in the box to configure certain hardware. But "end users" don't know its a special cable and then they decide to add a new device and its "OH I HAVE A CABLE I GOT AN EXTRA WITH THAT FIREWALL / ROUTER / VOIP BOX / whatever" No, you don't - you have a cross over cable to get into that router if it someday shits and wont let you access it over the network. Thats NOT a free gift cable to use on your next purchase. LOL So remember - straight through identical ends either both a or both b. crossover one end a one end b. Crossovers are NOT for regular use, you want straight through. If you look at a cable with the clip / tabby thing facing away from you. Brown will always be to the right, pin 1 to the left. Odd numbered pins are always striped, even are solid. If you want to know if a cable is good you can test it with an ohm meter across the same pin on each end i.e. 1-1, 2-2, etc. If its open it will read infinity. Personally I bought a little tester for $20, that not only tells me if its good but whats fucked up. (Remember I crimp my own and punch down jacks - so like I don't have a 50 foot ling cable running to the switch. I have cat 5 in the walls running from an RJ-45 termination block in the network closet to a punch down jack at the work station, then I use whatever length patch cord is needed for a neat install . If your buying store bought cables you don't need a crimper, punch down tool, or tester. However, the tools - about $50 for a decent quality set - pay for themselves quickly and make a much neater and better installation. I can buy a bag of 100 RJ-45 plugs for 15 bucks, and get any length cable I need so I can make an ethernet cable for 30 cents cause I have a whole box of "cut offs" that will usually do for whatever patch cords I need. A 500 foot roll of Cat 5 costs me like $40. With all the remodeling your doing I would consider it. Wiring for Cat 5 adds instant equity and is a really good investment in comparison to the cost. With jacks and cable and labels and punch downs and all I bet I have less than $100 in our house, but it sure makes it easy to hook things like TV's up, to use home automation, to use VOIP, etc. Its pretty nice to hook things up without having a rats nest, cables that are too short, too long, coiled up, stepped on, tripped over, etc. (Plus its a good way to make a quick $500 to $2000 when you want to replenish the coffers on some rainy afternoon.)

So now you have the complete course in ethernet. :) You now know more about this black art than 95% of the world, and 99.5% of the electronic store sales reps. Basically out of all that - Go with a cat 5 straight through unshielded cable, and beware of crossovers.

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I am EXCEPTIONALLY unhappy... No make that NAUSEOUS at this weeks episode of The Walking Dead. They have gone TOO fucking far and have crossed the one line that should NEVER be crossed.

OK keep in mind that last week we had one kid eaten alive, a mother eaten alive while her boyfriend chopped her hand off, a kid shot in the face, and a kid stabbed through the chest with a samurai sword. This was not "going too far" THIS IS.

What could be worse than that you ask? RACE TRAITORS! Crimes against humanity.


Aside from the crime against humanity, far worse than cannibal corpses, in this weeks episode we have deanna's zombie corpse put down, and the introduction of Jesus from Hilltop colony. But basically its a filler episode.

Buy a bag of doritos and a tub of dip. Not worth anything special....

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Bernie sanders is "an honorary woman"????

Well isn't that special limp wristed Jew boy! Get on your knees, open your mouth and Ill cum on your face....

Fucking UNBELIEVABLE.... Simply unbelievable. LOL. Vladimir Putin will be SOOOOO impressed.

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Bernie sanders is "an honorary woman"????

I nearly choked on my coffee Kev! ...Did you see where Seattle now has to tweek it's new bathroom rules regarding gender and people can choose which bathroom they wish to use since so many men are going into women's lockers/bathrooms and undressing because they feel like a woman at the moment...Funny you don't hear men complaining about women going into their bathrooms and lockers and's lines are so much shorter I may even contemplate it..Sorry I feel like a guy at the moment and you can't stop me from peeing..

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Thank you, Kev. You almost inspired me to wire my house for ethernet until I told myself to get real. I still don't have the final touches done on the flooring, and me xmas trees stayed up until just last week. I'm swamped. But without xhielded cable I won't survive a nuclear war! Bad enough I'l be dragging my half melted body through burnt out rubble, but now I'll have to deal with slow internet too. Oh noess!

Yeah, I shook my head when Sanders said ghat honorary woman ghing, but it was actually a very good way of overcoming Hillary's vagina advantage, with a boost from one of the old-guard feminists yet.

I think that voting for someone just because they're your race or gender or will be a first in the White House is the stupidest way of picking a candidate ever.

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I can guarantee you that if a slightly built individual with a whispy beard from the hormone injections and vestigial breasts came into a male locker room and stripped down to reveal the lack of a penis, there would be a hubub.

I have to admit that I don't get the whole transgender thing. An individual might be better served by therapy that got them comfortable in their own bodies, but I've never walked in those shoes, so I can't judge. I mean, you can behave any way you want if you're strong minded enough to tell the rest of the world to piss up a rope. Woman can swear, spit, go hunting, and do construction work if they want. Men can do the softer things. Hell, I like to cook and crochet, so sue me. Doesn't mean I need to take a knife to myself or even want to, which I don't.

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