Blitz attacks

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Eh, maybe though generally her sex scenes are THOROUGHLY shown. She's practically a porn actress. LOL

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I don't understand why the walkers went into the lake of fire.

Walkers are attracted to fire. Remember when Daryl and Carol were in Atlanta with Noah, daryl would set fires to draw them. Plus the walkers who showed up at the grove that had been burnt by the cabin Daryl and Beth burned down. I think its the movement and light....

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So that's Jesse? Where the hell did you find that? LOL

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She's been nude in practically everything shes ever done, Just google images "Alexandra Breckenridge Nude"

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Took me straight to a porn site - LOL. Too bad she lost her clothes on gig

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Im actually really saddened by Jessie's departure. See the firing of Frank Darabont and the early maturation of Madison Lintz (Sophia) REALLY fracked things up.

I thought Jessie was being groomed to be "Comic Book Andrea". See in the comic book Andrea is still alive and is ricks girlfriend. Carol died at the prison - she actually committed suicide when Tyreese got a BJ from Michonne, and Sophia was adopted by Glenn and Maggie and became carls girlfriend etc. Its actually ANDREA who is the sharp shooter with the rifle who keeps the walkers at bay. Dale lived till the church, it was HE who had his leg eaten by the cannibals.

But - when Frank Darabont was fired a lot of "his" actors went with him - andrea, Shane, Dale, T-Dawg, Merle, etc. I think they had no idea how big it was going to become.... LOL Sophia had to go because she hit puberty and turned into this lovely creature - who clearly could no longer be "little sophia" girlfriend of Carl....

Thats why they made sure that Beth was played by a young looking 28 year old LOL

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I was kinda hoping they would kill off carl. His maturation completely blows the timeline to shit. See even though its been like seven years now, only 18 - 24 months or so has elapsed since the zombie apocalypse. Hence the danger of casting kids in a show that has a potential to have a long run....

For example - remember the little Zombie girl with the teddy bear from the first episode?

Well this is her now... LOL

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ROFL I love watching Cops. Nothing else quite shows the inferiority of the under developed negroid brain like watching Cops.

"You are under arrest for distribution of cocaine"

That sounds like a pretty self explanatory thing??? But not to home boy..


Then perhaps BEST OF ALL, the cop says "Why don't you get a real job" and he says "Cause I gots kids. I got lotsa kids and all my baby mommas gonna try to take dey money right outa my check"

ROFL - WOW. Not only do we allow them to roam loose, but they can even vote....

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lol Kev, you speak ghetto so fluently ....I like it when they don't know how the crack pipe got into their car...Or the rednecks who the cops have to wake up and they say they might have had one or two beers when there are about ten empty cans on the floor..

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LOL Val yeah I became fluent in ebonics when I was a paramedic in da hood. I also love the ones who get caught with bait cars and then make these grand excuses about how they "belong to a friend of theirs" etc. Ya know, if I were to steal a car, and then have it lock me in and turn itself off, just as the entire police auto theft unit and a camera crew appeared to pull me over - I would suspect "Bait Car". Then again I don't steal cars - but I certainly wouldn't stead a brand new escalade full of gold bullion, macbook pros and mink coats, left in da hood, with the keys in it LOL

So this Peyton manning thing is getting ridiculous What is this world comming to when you cant rub your testicles on a lesbians face LOL

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South Park better watch out - before they give The Donald any ideas....

This actually sounds like a GREAT plan to me!

Clearly Trey Parker and Matt Stone - Being simple minded liberals, do not realize what a GREAT plan this is and how trump supporters would embrace it.

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My wireless router died quietly in the night, so I'm tethered to my desktop until ATT gets me a replacement. Best guess three days. My desktop works for shit with Windows 10. Not a happy camper at the moment.

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Oh that sucks. Why do you have to get a router from them? You can pick one up for like $20 at walmart, Too bad your desktop isn't on Linux, you could just set up IPTables and IPRoute and use your desktop as a router. (All a router - whether a home wireless router or a high end Cisco - is isa linux box running IPTables and IPRoute

SO interesting deleted scene from Fear The Walking Dead. This more explains why strand took on the junkie

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Here ya go - $17 and your back in business.

and its probably an upgrade cause it will do N. Your probably currently on 802.11b or g. So this would be 6x faster at 300 mps throughput. (G is 2003 technology with a theoretical throughput of 54 mps)

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Here is a heart warming story from down under. The liberals in Australia have their collective panties in a twist because the police disfigured a former Miss Australia... Melted the bitches paw, burned her face, and she may lose her right eye...

During a series of early morning drug raids, Queensland Police callously decided to toss a flashbang grenade into the bedroom of alleged Rebels biker associate Dean O’Donnell. Despite the fact that the police had been conducting surveillance on the house, the cops chose to throw the flashbang into the room while O’Donnell was asleep with his fiancée....
Djamirze denies the drug trafficking charges against her and her fiancé, O’Donnell has been charged with both drug trafficking and possession of illegal weapons.

Dumb bitch... You were Miss Australia. Go shag some producer or businessman who only insolvent with drugs is his Viagra Rx. When you live with BIKER GANG LEADERS you expose yourself to SWAT team raids and flash bang grenades. LOL Did this moron never watch Sons Of Anarchy?? Nothing good comes of associating with Biker gangs! LOL

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Because I have ATT U-Verse Internet and phone. It has to be their router. Unless the nice young man was lying to me, which is possible. I already had a wireless router, which was switched over back in 2013 when I upgraded from DSL. I asked if that would work and was told no.

Actually, it's kind of working. I still get email and notifications on my table and phone. When I noticed that, I took another close look at the router, and the wireless light is flickering dimly. Lo and behold, my Windows 10 had updated during the night. I can access some boards from my tablet. Just not FoE. But the router is three years old. Might as well get it replaced.

Seriously, I need a newer computer.

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Fuck. I just got the shipping notice from AT&T and they're sending it via FedEx, who are the worst assclowns for actually delivering your stuff where you can find it.

And FoE refuses to load past 70% since the reboot.

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Because I have ATT U-Verse Internet and phone. It has to be their router. Unless the nice young man was lying to me, which is possible.

Yes, they were lying to you. TCP/IP Packets are TCP/IP Packets regardless regardless of whose pipe they are coming down. There is no such thing as proprietary wireless - all wireless is IEEE 802.11 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Standards 802.11 - and then there are various sub sections a / b/ g / n / and the various double a letters that pertain to frequency and throughput.

Its actually a BAD idea to use an ISP provided router. Heres why - they will ALWAYS be "throttled". Your ISP will sell you a "500 meg connection" or "a gigabit connection" then they will give you (or worse yet rent you) an 802.11g router with a total theoretical throughput of 54 meg. Which in reality, once provisioned, means they have you choked down to 22 meg in either direction cause they will do like 22 up, 22, down 10 LAN peer to peer (i.e. between computers on the LAN without going out to the WAN / Internet) for the 54 meg. (22+22+10=54) Thus they get to charge you for 20 times more than you can use.... Its to your advantage to have your own router cause then you can use more reasonable bandwidth allocations like 275 down / 10 up / 15 local) (Remember an "ordinary user" DOWNLOADS a lot, but uploads very little - a web page request, an email, an eBay bid, maybe a couple of pictures. Even if you do UPLOAD the occasional video, application, or web page - so what if you have to do a 50 meg upload, at 10 up it will take 5 seconds...) Plus - if you have your own router - you can set up multiple networks and provision who gets how much bandwidth at what speeds and whats restricted etc. For example char and I have a "Guest" network for visitors so we don't have to let them on our network. That guest network has like 150 K of bandwidth, and can be restricted so people don't come over and download illegal stuff we may have to answer for one day cause it was on our IP. It also ensures that things only get the ports they NEED, so like the X-Box 360 cant become a SPAM mail server or listening device, or respond to external pings on ports 80 or 3306, etc.... The router is "the keys to the kingdom"

So yes you can and should use your own router. In fact its the only way to actually get what you pay for because their router serves as a choke point to slow you down. Heres how.

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Hot damn, that is some useful advice, Kev. We'll see how long that new router takes to arrive, and what the one I already own is. Meanwhile, my wireless is working again, although not very well.

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Yeah what you have to remember with the networking game is that your network is ONLY as fast as your slowest "choke point". For example - I have a client who was paying comcast for "Gigabit" 1,000,000,000 bits per second. BUT She had a 10 Base T "ethernet hub" which will only do 10,000,000 bps. So she was unable to use 990 meg of her paid for bandwidth right off the bat. (The reality is she didn't need gigabit to begin with, I talked her down to a 2.5 meg connection, which was MORE than adequate for her needs provisioned as 1 meg for the staff network and 1.5 meg for the "free wifi" public network.

But the ISP provided set ups ALWAYS are "configured wrong". They ALWAYS configure you with WAY more "upload" than you need. I mean think about it - bandwidth is always quoted in "bytes per second" as in 2.5 meg per second, 10 meg per second , 1 gig per second etc. But the reality is - as a "real person" your going to spend 20 minutes typing an email or board post - which will end up being 12 or 15 kilobytes, and then you'll send it. SO - in reality with even a 1 meg connection - you used 15,000 out of one million bytes in ONE second, and you uploaded NOTHING in the other 1,199 seconds while you wrote that email or post. Now lets say you attached 2 meg of pictures of video to the email. Congratulations - you used 2 seconds worth of your bandwidth and the other 1998 were lost. So you have a .00167 utilization rate on your 1 mps uploads provision. Now imagine if they provision you with 495 mps upload on a gigabit pipe LOL They LOVE doing that shit cause it lets them WAY oversell. Or sometimes they will set you up with a RIDICULOUS bandwidth on the LAN. Like 200 mps local. WTF? Unless your Industrial Lights and Magic - when do you EVER need to transfer that much machine to machine? More realistically - Ill toss a 60 K word document on Char's desktop, or Ill send a one meg CAD file to the plotter, or pull a 250K PDF file off the file server or something. Even a 1 meg - I don't CARE if that CAD file gets to the plotter in 1/200th of a second - because realistically the plotter isn't gonna render it that fast so its just gonna sit in the buffer anyway while it prints. Im quite content with sending it to plot and then getting a cup of coffee, returning a phone call or three, etc. Half the time I don't even bother to get up to go get it. It can lay there till the next time either myself or someone else passes the plotter. Ditto for that 250 K PDF - I don't need it to come off the file server in 1 millisecond.

ISP's and to a lesser extent networking people love to sell the "illusion of speed" by throwing out HUGE theoretical numbers without regard for the realities of network bottlenecks. Doesn't matter if I have "gigabit" because my HP Laser Printer will shit out 30 pages per minute. A gig is roughly 68,000 pages of ASCII text. I've never needed to print a 68,000 page document and if I ever do, some intern is gonna have a loooooooooong fucking night cause I'm going home. I aint staying around all night to keep reloading the paper tray and changing the toner cartridge.

People don't realize that the network is only as fast as the choke point. You can have gigabyte - but if your machine only has a 10Base T card in it then you will only get 10mps. (If you have ANY wireless less than 802.11n your slower than wired ethernet.) If your ethernet cables are cat 5 you will only get 10mps. My plotter has a 100 Base T card in it - all the bandwidth in the world isn't gonna send a job into the buffer faster than that. It doesn't matter how fast I can pull files off the server - cause the SATA 3 SSD hard drive on my MacBook Pro can only write it at 600 meg per second, which ironically is roughly 3 x faster then the Ultra 3 SCSI drives in the server can dish it up anyway. (They do 160 MB/s) A USB port will only do 60 meg per second, an older hard drive like in your desktop probably only does between 5 and 13 meg per second...

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