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Hell, I like to cook and crochet, so sue me. Doesn't mean I need to take a knife to myself or even want to, which I don't.

lol Randy, glad to know you aren't gender confused or we would have to start calling you Randene...Makes me think of The Beverly Hillbillies when that actor who played Jethro also played the sister Jethrene or something like that..Which leads to would I rather see a guy cross dress, which I have seen before, or see a guy transitioning to become a woman all together..I say to each his own but at the same time I am glad no one in my family has had to deal with it.

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Call me by any name you like. I'm comfortable enough in my own skin that it won't faze me a bit. Forget cross dressing, for which I never felt the need. I just do what I feel like doing, which has turned out to be gender centrist. I had to learn cooking as a matter of my own survival. It was my own grandfather who gave me my first cookbook, probably as an extremely tactful comment on my mother's cooking. It was The Spice Cookbook. Previously, the only spices known spices in our diet were a little salt and that was it. I learned a lot from it.

I learned how to clean house for the same reason, and I learned what I know now from a guy -- Don Aslett, who worked is way through college as a cleaner and then realized his cleaning experience was more lucrative than his degree in chemistry. He tells a funny story about filling in for a sick employee after he was worth a million dollars as the boss and getting dissed at the bank by a woman in line who assumed anyone operating a polisher had to be a loser in life. I used it in one of my stories with a multi-billionaire boss who dresses up as the janitor and acts goofy while showing an applicant up to the interview. And then he either thumbs up them or thumbs down them, depending on how up their own asses they are.

Other than that, I like to make useful things, whether it's doing my own roof and saving tens of thousands, or my own clothing when necessary. As far as the crocheting goes, it's easier than knitting, and I make stuff like pot holders and placemats that go with my color scheme. My scarves are kind or experiments in color mixing -- simple stitch with all kinds of colors. They are popular at Christmas time. I like to personalize things if I can't find the ideal thing ready made.

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Randy, you're well rounded without being round....WINNING! ;)

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NAUSEOUS at this weeks episode of The Walking Dead

I shall have my barf bag handy :(

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What? Is there an interracial kiss or something?

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Hope it's not "or something"!

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Thank you, Kev. You almost inspired me to wire my house for ethernet until I told myself to get real.

No Problem. You should. Its a very simple and very inexpensive thing to do and if you still have unfinished floor its very easy to just grab a router and cut a groove for the cable before you lay the finish flooring, or run it behind the baseboard etc. Remember there is no power on the cable to speak of (48 volts / 400 milliamperes. Even "Powered Ethernet" devices are limited to 13 watts) so you can run the cable anywhere without concern. (At the office Ive got it in the drop ceiling, behind the 1/4 round bead molding for the laminate floor, trenched into the tack strip for the carpet etc. You have a basement Im sure so it should be very easy for you to pull.) If you look at the "Frequently bought together" youll see $51 for the tools, 500 feet of cat 5e cable, and 100 boots. If you look at the "Customers who bought this also bought that" you can find the RJ45 plugs to crimp on, the jacks, and the wall plates. Then bring all the jacks neatly back to a patch panel. and from there you can neatly go to whatever you need - the hub / switch, the server, the VOIP box, the DVR, etc. Move all that shit safely out of sight into a rack in an unused closet.

As you can see this stuff doesn't cost shit. Im telling ya, it pays for itself in no time. For example - we got rid of the phone company. Im running asterix - so I pay $24.95 a month for a SIP trunk (connection to the public telephone network) and $1 a month for a DID. (dedicated inbound dialing) number. NO per minute or long distance charges. What this basically means in english is that "Im my own phone company" both at home and at work. It costs me a buck a month to spin up a new line. Voice, Fax, Toll Free, a "local number in Capetown" , whatever. Likewise we run a home media server, meaning we don't need Tivo because we record to a hard drive in the home media server with no monthly fee. If I need more space - $30 will buy me another 2 TB hard drive. Likewise, any time we buy a CD / DVD / Blue Ray / or Game - we record it to the home media server and put it away. No hunting for the disk or needing to have DVD players all over, and trying to figure out where the hell that disk went. Its like a high end hotel, wanna watch a movie? Click the onscreen menu.... Ditto for playing music - Christmas party? Music, Holiday, Christmas, Random.... it will play christmas music. Feel like Jimmy Buffet at the poolside? Music, By Artist, Jimmy Buffet, Random. Its also controlled by access level - so for example a guest can only see whats in the /Public directory. You don't have to worry about somebody seeing our porn, or horror/zombie/vampire movies and thinking "my God what kind of people are these". LOL You don't have to worry that while your having a barbecue in the back yard the their kids are inside getting greasy fingerprint all over your disks, playing frisbee with them, and watching The Last House On The Left. Anything paper that comes into the house that we need to keep gets fed into the scanner and saved as a PDF. Its GREAT to not have clutter. It cost NOTHING. Its all running on an old server I got paid to take away using freely downloadable software. Our security cameras record to a hard drive in the server - which is then replicated offsite. So for example, even if thieves STOLE the server (Bring a cutting torch to get past the door) they are still fucked because there is a copy of it on the server at the office, and another copy at the cabin in Trinity. Likewise - I have my own automated backups of all our devices, and again they move offsite. So I don't have to pay for Carbonite or anything like that. Then we have "the internet of things" where you can get things that connect. CO detectors, water detectors, thermostats, web cams, light controllers. weather stations, etc. Say were thinking about going up to trinity. I can take a look on the web cam and see how the grass looks. I can turn the air conditioner on so its 70 degrees when we get there. I can turn the hot tub on so its warm when we arrive. I can turn the mosquito misting system on so the bugs will all be dead before we arrive. Likewise I have a $60 weather station that tracks temperature, rain, wind speed and direction, barometer, etc. This way I can ensure I don't arrive to dead grass and a dead vegetable garden. If water is needed, the sprinklers and drip irrigation will provide EXACTLY whats needed. Not too much, not too little. I can turn on the driveway lights so I can find the goddam place. (Its deliberately hard to find) Ive got an "easy pass" type thing on our cars that the gate will open when we arrive. Any opening or closing of that gate is logged, a picture taken, and emailed to me. Ditto for the house and the shop. In fact, in addition to all of the above at the house we don't have keys, we have fobs that unlock the door for us. (Less than $100. VERY handy when your arms are full of grocery bags, pizza, etc.) if a guest is staying, we can give them a card valid for a set period of time. So you don't have to worry about a key being copied, or lost. Any use of a fob or card is logged in and out. At the shop we don't have keys, we have cards like at a hotel with different access rights. For example, the instructors do not need access to tools, aircraft parts, shop supples so their key card wont open "the cage" where that stuff is kept. Nobody but char or I need access to the Network closet so only our cards work. Likewise only certain people get access to the closet with the food, office supplies, toilet paper, etc.... Any use of a card is logged and in some cases photographed. Sounds paranoid but you would be amazed. Ive seen security camera footage with guys fueling their car with avgas. Stealing toilet paper and cases of soda. One time I even caught a guy taking a student up "under the table". Hmmmm -the door to the hangar opened at 21:30, and the picture showed the instructor and the student. then ten minutes later, the footage showed the plane taxi out, and it came back an hour and a half later, and then they came back in and got photographed again. No invoice, very odd. Somebody thought they could fuck me out of $225??? Bad idea.

Its an amazing new world out there and it all starts with Ethernet cabling. On a serious note - your not getting any younger, and as each year passes it is only gonna get harder and harder to care for and maintain a large house and property. The prices on this shit has come WAY WAY WAY down. I mean frankly - things that I have in my house right now, bought off of Amazon for a couple of bucks, would have been multimillion dollar classified govt systems in my youth. Its only gonna continue to evolve. I mean right now I have robots that mow the lawn, sweep the garage and patio, wash the hard floors, and clean the pool. I have a sprinkler system to water the lawn, which has a chemical injector to fertilize and apply pesticides / fire ant killer. The drip irrigation system takes care of the plants, trees, garden, etc. The mosquito mister kills the bugs automatically at sunset insuring a pleasant Zika free evening. The generator detects power failures and kicks on automatically. I can see whats going on without "walking into something". These are all amazing technologies - which are quite cheap now and modular so you can expand them literally for pocket change. (A bag of 25 drip emitters is $4. a pack of 50 T's is $5, a 100 foot roll of the tubing is $8. So like if Char buys a new plant your talking like 35 cents and 2 minutes to add it to the drip loop, using no tools other than a jack knife. (Cut the tubing, stick in a tee, cut a piece of tubing to for the "drop" for the plant. Press one end on the T, stick an emitter in the other end and press it into the soil around the plant whether its in the ground or in a container. Done. Never have to water or fertilize again.) Thats one less thing on your "to do list". Trust me, there is something very nice about sitting poolside, enjoying a cold beer, while you watch everything getting done. You should embrace it - imagine not having to spend your golden years doing menial labor. Instead of busting your hump trying to stay ahead of shit, a series of small investments that could themselves become a hobby, would make your life easy. Don't get me wrong Im not saying "become sedentary and die" Im saying it frees you to do more constructive, more enjoyable stuff. For example - I built an IBC aquaponics thing from some plans I found online. Year round fresh veggies and fresh seafood. NO operating cost, cause I adapted it to use siphons, and a 12 volt bilge pump powered by a harbor freight solar panel. That system yields hundreds of pounds of fresh veggies, salads, strawberries, and tilapia a year. Im gonna do another one for Freshwater Lobsters (Yabbies) and Giant Prawn. Imagine that... A complete lobster dinner, from salad to strawberry daiquiri, in the back yard for free, just pick it / scoop it up. (Remember - it really IS "free" because the fish / crustaceans eat plant waste, and the plants are fertilized by fish waste. Basically the way it works is its a grossly over crowded aquarium with urea levels that would rapidly become toxic, except that the plants take up that urea which is "liquid fertilizer", and then the water cascades back into the fish container, and is aerated and the cycle continues in a closed loop system. The way I did it, I don't even have energy costs cause the water is circulated and heated by solar. Likewise - i have three plastic garbage cans and each yields approx 100 lbs of potatoes. Red, Baking, Sweet. No maintenance. Spend a half hour setting them up. ignore them till fall, flip them over on a tarp. Pick out the potatoes. Plants and compost go back in the compost heap till next time. Total time investment - about an hour a year. Char also set up some 5 gallon buckets to harvest early for "baby" / "new" / Salt potatoes. Ive got three kinds of fresh mushrooms, again no maintenance at all. Pull the box out and pick them, put them back. Char's bee hives need less than an hour a year.

With all the horse shit you have access to, as well as the barn / space. You could find plenty of things to entertain yourself while making your life easier. Thats part of why I LOVE the aquaponics. Its all the benefits of vegetable gardening, without the back breaking labor. I don't even have to bend over, the plants are at waist height so no stopping or crawling around, there is no soil involved so no tilling or spading or anything. Plus - you could bring Buns back into the engineering fold... "Honey I need a design for a syphon system that can be built with 2" PVC pipe that will provide maximum aeration of the water without using any power". Or "Honey - heres the challenge - I need you to draw plans to mate this snow thrower, that electric wheelchair, and this radio controlled car so that I can plow the driveway without going outside." (Yes, it can be done. I've seen it) Lets face it - your not gonna want to be 75 years old, freezing your ass off, wrestling a snow thrower or shovel at -40 below. Your also not gonna want to be housebound and marooned until your son can come do it for you, assuming he even stays in the area. Plus, it will give you things to do with the grandkids that will foster an interest in STEM, which is where the money and jobs will be moving forward. Finally, as you know mental stimulation and exercising the mind keeps dementia at bay which is part of the reason Im taking a graduate level robotics class online, getting into drones, learning to speak Russian, etc. Mowing the grass or cleaning the pool or sweeping the garage floor will leave me with nothing but a sore back and boredom. So I automate the menial while enriching my mind, my pocket, my wallet and cutting my workload. You've got a mechanical engineer in the house, think of the things you could automate... Mucking the stalls. Feeding hay or grain, watering horses. Mowing the lawn. Shoveling snow. etc. All things that will need to be done regardless of whether your back wants to do them or not leaving you to enjoy the horses rather than being their slave. :) Technology is great!

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I nearly choked on my coffee Kev! ...Did you see where Seattle now has to tweek it's new bathroom rules regarding gender and people can choose which bathroom they wish to use since so many men are going into women's lockers/bathrooms and undressing because they feel like a woman at the moment...

I think half the men in Seattle ARE secretly women. Fucking liberal queers. "Girly Men" They SHOULD use the womens restrooms. LOL

That said - that "honorary woman" thing just left me shaking my head. Wow. Just fucking wow.

Men's lines are so much shorter I may even contemplate it..Sorry I feel like a guy at the moment and you can't stop me from peeing..

ROFL Ask Char about that. LOL Get her drunk and she doesn't grasp the concept of "Mens Room" She'll piss in the trough to the shock and horror of the men. (The ladies room lines ARE insane) Culturally, its not a big deal, In South Africa and/or Holland people aren't as uptight as they are here. Eep in Texas where the Christians rule. Pssst - Jesus took a dump wherever he wanted. There were no bathrooms. LOL

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I just do what I feel like doing, which has turned out to be gender centrist. I had to learn cooking as a matter of my own survival.

I do NOT understand the notion that cooking or sewing or cleaning is in some way "feminine". For example there is no place where the men are more "manly" than South Africa, and the idea of a woman touching the Braii is akin to treason. Char poisoning the well at the orphanage would be more socially acceptable than her picking up the tongs at a braii. LOL The best meals that you will ever have anywhere, are prepared in female free testosterone rich environments like fire stations, logging camps, fishing vessels, and hunting camps. Some of the best chefs in the world are male... I'm an extraordinary cook, and I would dare say in many areas better than Char who, while excellent, tends to do a more "healthy" and "light" and "exotic" menu. (She buys shit I never even heard of... Some of it turns out to be quite tasty, some is a good excuse to order a pizza and wings. LOL)

As for sewing, the act of sewing is not inherently feminine. The femininity of it is determined by exactly what you are sewing. There isn't a Army Ranger, Special Forces Soldier, Navy EOD Diver, or SEAL alive who can't operate a sewing machine. Training for those Airborne qualified ratings includes the "Basic Rigger Course" where you learn to pack, repair, and alter parachutes, harnesses, etc. My dad sewed and so do I. In the military, I regularly sewed patches, rank insignias, name plates etc on my uniforms, and I made repairs and alterations as necessary. Not feminine at all. If I suddenly felt the need to adorn my clothing with some monograms and decorative lace accents, then it might be time for some testosterone supplements.

With regard to cleaning... I don't consider that feminine either. Again - its widely done in bastions of masculinity like fire houses and the military. As Val can attest, when you enter any branch of the armed forces, you are introduced to a mop long before you are introduced to a rifle. My garage and hangar are quite literally spotless. I even have a parts washer, full of simple green, dedicated to cleaning tools before they are put away. (A habit from aircraft maintenance, using a greasy oily wrench on a high pressure oxygen line will send you to the burn center.) The engine block on my truck is cleaner than many peoples kitchen counter. Again - aircraft maintenance. "Negative changes" like leaks, exhaust blow by, carbon, etc are instantly noticeable on a clean engine, and clean engines run cooler, last longer, and are more efficient. Ditto for the garage floor - which is "glitter flake epoxy". Its kept clean for a reason. If I see any liquids - I know that whatever was parked there needs investigation and immediate attention. If I see any nuts, bolts, screws, wire terminals, parts, pieces of metal - I know immediately that something isn't right. If I had shit piled up 5 feet high, with hardware and tools and stains all over the floor, like in some garages and shops Ive seen, I would have no fucking idea whats going on. I don't consider cleaning at all feminine. I consider it nothing more than sanitary. Admittedly, I don't do most of the household cleaning, cause thats why God created Mexican women. My time is better spent doing things worthy of my giant Norte Americano brain. But by the same token, Im not going to leave a disgusting mess for two or three days till her next scheduled cleaning... Particularly if its biohazardous like when I blow up the bathroom after the taco truck, or if somebody yacked or bled or if a pet had an accident, or when my mother had her "incidents".... I bought the steam cleaner and carpet shampooer for a reason and while they aren't ordinarily for my use, Im not afraid to step in and use them when needed.

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Hope it's not "or something"!

Its "or something"... I would have rather seen him grab one of the zombies and ass rape it. For Christ's sake go back to "the Grove" dig up Lizzie's corpse and fuck her if your that hard up. ANYTHING but this. This is completely unacceptable and if its not corrected it WILL cost them viewers.... I'm only hoping that its laying the groundwork for this nappy headed animal to get its head caved in by Neegan's bat "Lucille" in the season finale. I could see where they might be gearing up for that. Neegan has to beat someone to death with his barbed wire wrapped bat in the season finale. Thats a given. The rage of seeing Glenn beaten to death while they watched helplessly is ICONIC walking dead and provided the rage for the "All Out War" arc. For a number of reasons - I DON'T think its gonna be Glenn. #1 Too Obvious - everyone knows. #2 They change up the deaths from the comic. Beth was supposed to be raped and murdered in the prison by Axel the child molesting serial killer. Dale was the one whose leg was eaten by the cannibals. Tyrese was supposed to be decapitated by the governor. #3 They have been "teasing Glenn's death" too much. Merle beating him. The tunnel. Him kneeling in the trough at terminus with the baseball bat ready to swing. The baseball bat at Wilshire estates. The Dumpster. Being on the wall surrounded by walkers until Abraham saved him. Etc etc etc. Too much "Glens Gonna Die" which makes me think hell be the last survivor. #4 Everyone knows Glenn gets "Lucilled" and that provides NO "surprise factor" for the season finale. Its like "oh this is the episode where glenn gets beaten to death with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire".

I could see, and sincerely hope, where they are developing this romance, so that the shit skin will be brutally beaten to death by Neegan in the finale, fueling the rage that stats the "All Out War" arc.

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Even knitting and crocheting were invented by men, it turns out, Speaking of cooking, today I plan to make oatmeal muffins with whole walnuts and cranberry raisins. And a cake. Not sure what flavor yet.

BTW, there is a proper way to take a dump mentioned in the Bible. Jesus lived in Roman times, where the bigger cities had primitive plumbing akin to the sluice trough. Tinier places knew about privies. But in the wilderness, you went away from the camp, bug a hole with your knife, and then overed it up when finished, just like in the Old Testament.

I have a funny story about the lines ay the bathrooms. Pigeon Forge Tennessee, which I had remembered as a fork in the road from 1964. We went through it in 1986, unfortunately right at the height of the autumn color when everyone and their uncle was driving through the Smokies at five miles an hour so as to not miss a single leaf. We had to stop at the pottery, which is a much older building than all the other stuff Dolly Parton had built as part of her economic rennaissance. It's restrooms were just two small rooms with one open toilet and one sink. The lines were long, but the women's line was much longer, especially after this southern lady stuck her head out the cracked open door and announced, "Mah eighty-fahve year old Auntie is finally havin' a bee-yem. I hope y'all won't mahnd." All the women in line are fresh off the road and hopping from foot to foot. Finally the men say, "Ladies, use ours. We'll stand guard."

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I hope you're right about Glenn. I've been steeling myself, but he's one of the characters who is so popular his death would be a deal-breaker at this point.

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I hope you're right about Glenn

I am almost certain.... I mean it would be the shittiest season finale in TV history. This panel pretty much defines "The Walking Dead" it was a comic cover.

Everyone knows its gonna happen, and everyone knows who its gonna happen to. So they cant do it. They gotta change it up - esp for a season finale. If you remember Shane was killed by CARL when he saw him aiming the rifle at Rick while "hunting". Instead they did that scene with Dale seeing him and he lowers the gun, and had rick kill him with a knife. The guy who had his leg amputated in the prison was DALE not Herschel. Bob Stocky was a white man, the medic who patched up the goverrnor. He was never part of ricks group and he died of a heart attack. It was again DALE who was killed by the hunters. He slunk off alone to die after he got bit. The Hunters cut off and ate his other leg - and he did the whole "Im Tainted Meat" thing. Another "Iconic Moment" that everyone knew was coming - but they couldn't use the character. The same with the prison. Everyone knew the governor was gonna decapitate someone with Michonnes sword but they did Herschel instead of this iconic scene.

Plus if you think about it the writers have been "taunting it" for years. For example...

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Jesus lived in Roman times, where the bigger cities had primitive plumbing akin to the sluice trough.

But Jesus was a jew of low social caste, not a Roman. He wouldn't have been welcome in those. Oddly enough the communal toilets were a privilege for the rich and powerful - emperors, senators, military officers. People would actually send their slaves to go sit and warm the seat for them. Apparently - communal shitting is very common among royalty, world leaders, and even Lyndon Johnson who would receive people while he was sitting on the pot dropping a deuce.

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YES - Now he is proposing the execution of muslims by firing squad using bullets dipped in pig blood!!!!

YES!!!! YES!!!!

What he proposes sounds very much like this!

JA VUL HERR TRUMPEN!!!! Looks like I just might get to command an Trumpsatzgrupen after all!!! Trump Marshall Kevin of the Trumpenstaffle Trumpsatzgrupen has a ring to it!!!

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Yes - there has NEVER been a republican who won both NH and SC who didn't go on to get the nomination....



Its gonna be an interesting time in America to be a Mexican, or a Muslim, or a Black, or a liberal.... LOL

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Just got home from 12 hours at the car wash and didn't even get my car washed :/ When I left the house, the big news was Scalia's funeral. Now Donald's in, Jeb's out, and Rubio upstaged Rafael by a small margin. Hope Jeb didn't cry when he made his big announcement(?)

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Rafael's KGB handlers are going to be SO pissed. His chance is slipping away. If the bible thumpers of South Carolina didn't want him he has NO CHANCE in a more normal place. Remember theres a lot of "big states" like New York, California, Michigan, etc... Big states, many delegates, NO JESUS FREAKS. Trump and Rubio wont fly there but trump will...

Rafael shall be recalled, and sent to be a chernobyl liquidator if he loses... He will have to ask President trump for political asylum lest his millions of dollars be returned to the KGB treasury, his wife gets reassigned to the Borscht factory, and his ugly moon faced daughters star in the two girls one cup remake..

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T-5 and counting. Have the barf bag ready to catch the General Tso and flied lice ;)

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LOL We just have Pizza. Buffalo wings. and a Pizza Hut pasta. Like I said tonight didn't warrant anything special. I sure by the beginning you can see why.... LOL

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