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We have a friend who drops in a couple of times a week who we generally like until the subject of politics comes up. She's a tried and true moonbat who recites some version of the progressive Obama manifesto as the ultimate answer to everything. In her view people who don't agree with it need deprogramming to accept big government as a good thing yet doesn't see how brainwashed she is.

Can't get her to see that "Occupy Wall Street" is well organized, not a grass roots spontaneous movement. I've noticed that the proselytizing is far more aggressive than any "knock, knock, Repent the end is nigh" religion. Totally brainwashed.

I realize that folks in the Southern states don't experience being surrounded by moonbats, but the whole Northeast down to DC is full of them.

Link to this post 29 Oct 11

ROFL Moonbats! I love that expression. Your absolutely right Avery. I find the Obama phenomenah very disturbing. Practically Borg-like. I mean that whole "I will serve my president" pledge? WTF I thought he was supposed to serve US?

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