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Zimbabwe man says prostitute turned into a donkey

Sunday Moyo claims the prostitute he hired at a nightclub mysteriously turned into a donkey, and now man and beast are "seriously in love."
Erin Conway-SmithOctober 26, 2011 06:18

Beasts of burden: a man and his donkeys. (BOUREIMA HAMA/AFP/Getty Images)
A Zimbabwe man has told a court that the prostitute he hired turned into a donkey overnight, and now he is "seriously in love."

Sunday Moyo, 28, was caught having sex with a donkey early Sunday morning, according to the New Zimbabwe news website. While appearing in court on bestiality charges, he told the magistrate a tale that reportedly "had the court in stitches."

Police said they found Moyo having sex with a donkey tied to a tree outside his home in Zvishavane, a mining town near Masvingo, on Sunday at around 4 a.m., the New Zimbabwe says.

In court, Moyo admitted to the sex act, but explained that the donkey was in fact a prostitute he had earlier hired for $20 at a local nightclub.

"I don’t know how she then became a donkey," Moyo is reported to have told the court. "I only came to know that I was being intimate with a donkey when I got arrested."

The experience appears to have been a sexual awakening for Moyo, who now says he is in love with the beast.

"I do not know what happened when I left the bar, but I am seriously in love with [the] donkey," Moyo said, according to state-run newspaper The Herald, as cited by Agence France-Presse.

Moyo will remain in custody until Thursday. The magistrate has ordered that he be examined by psychiatrists.

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ROFL OH MY GOD! LOL No wonder the Nigerian barristers are so stupid - I mean imagine having to come to court to argue "The hooker turned into a donkey and I love her!" ROFL

On the BRIGHT side the guy was a donkey fucker not a gay guy... So he didnt "eat da poo poo" ...

Listen to what the Ugandans have to say about Obama - "bringing to Africa as a human right to eat da poo poo!" ROFL

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I used to know a fellow (he was a complete loon) who talked about stump training cattle. He'd stand on a stump with his dick and the cow would back up to the stump for her hump.

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OMG This one is hilarious... Its from south africa,,, Apparently some preacher was using a "magic penis" to sleep with women!

Villagers accused in "magic penis" killing fear they are cursed
South African villagers accused of burning a pastor to death because they thought he was using a magic penis to sleep with women now fear they have been cursed.

A village mob in South Africa, accused of burning a pastor to death for using an invisible magic penis to sleep with women in the community, now believe they have been cursed by the dead man's family.

Earlier this year, 12 people from a shantytown near Malalane, South Africa, were charged with murder and arson for setting Pastor Albert Malwane of the Izwi Zion Christian Church on fire and burning down his house, the African Eye News Service reports.

Community members had accused the pastor of talking to animals and using an invisible penis to sleep with women in the area. They also accused his wife of turning into a snail and terrorizing the community.

One of villagers charged in Malwane's death, Sunnyboy Mthalala, died in May after vomiting blood and complaining of swollen feet, according to the news service.

Now, the 11 remaining accused — nine men and three women, between the ages of 28 and 50 — believe the pastor’s family used “muti,” or traditional medicine, to place a curse on those charged in his death and make them fall ill.

Pastor Malwane’s father “confirmed that a curse was released at the pastor’s funeral to haunt his son's killers,” the African Eye News Service says.

The villagers were arrested in February after the pastor was dragged from his one-room shack, taken to a hill and set on fire. His house was burned down, and his wife and daughter were forced into hiding.

Last week the case was postponed again in a South African court. The 11 accused are currently out on bail of R1,000, or about $140, and are scheduled to appear in court again at the end of September.

In some poor, rural South African communities, superstitious beliefs can lead to the brutal killings of people accused of "witchcraft"

In another such case last week, in the Eastern Cape, an elderly woman and her two children were shot and hacked to death by a group of men who suspected them of witchcraft.

Earlier this year in South Africa's Limpopo province, two women were killed by villagers who accused them of being witches. The women were dragged from their homes and stoned to death, before their bodies were dragged back into a house, which was then set on fire.

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I've always considered my penis to be magical.

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I've always considered my penis to be magical.

Oh god does this mean you have named your as well? I really don't understand the reason for such things.

BTW how is your vacation so far?

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Not bad. Aced my exam this morning and have spent the rest of the day having a Twilight Zone marathon.

I really don't have a name for my penis; I just call it the Mighty Hammer of Thor.

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Rofl sounds like a distant cousin of Gorga The Mighty Bitchsplitter

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Rofl sounds like a distant cousin of Gorga The Mighty Bitchsplitter

ROFLMAO that is too funny babe but what ever you need to feel good about Gorga LOL

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Hey now, gorga is the source of most of your merriment and joy... Remember that to you its a religious thing.... (Hence all the prayers - Oh God, Oh Jesus, Oh My God! :D

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Why do men name their penises??? It's fucking WEIRD!!!! Phallic much? I know what Freud would say about that, ROTFLAMO!!!!

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We name our penises for the same reason military personell name their weapons....

"This is my weapon and this is my gun, this is for shooting and this is for fun. This weapon is Charlize, she is an R-4 Galil in 5.56 NATO, there are many like her but this one is mine. I love my weapon and I will sleep beside her each night, keep her clean and dry and safe, and I will love her like my life depends on her - because it does. Without my weapon I am nothing...."

Same thing with our Johnsons. We name them because they serve the same function to our women... LOL A soldier needs his weapon, and a woman needs our big, thick, vein laden, blood engorged, mushroom headed piss topped cocks LOL

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ZIMBABWE- Admit it -- when you hear the term serial rapist, you tend to picture a man, right? But in Zimbabwe, a trio of women in their 20s are being charged for sex attacks of 17 men. When their car was involved in an accident on Friday, police found the women -- Rosemary Chakwizira, 24, Sophie Nhokwara, 26, and her sister, Netsai Nhokwara, 24 -- had a stash of 33 condoms containing semen. Ughhhh. I know!

It seems the women had been targeting male hitchhikers over the past two years, either giving them a drink with a tranquilizer or raping them at gunpoint. Terrifying! And 17 men have come forward to positively identify the three women as having raped them, so it's not just like one or two guys are telling some cockamamie story. Yeeesh. At first glimpse, you might think these women are a.) out of their minds and committed these rapes as a string of senseless acts, or b.) one of them was a totally wacko ringleader forcing the other two to go along for the ride.

But, I'm not so sure. It seems like they all had an ulterior motive.

CNN spoke with a professor of sociology at the University of Zimbabwe who said:

Some sections of the society use these sperm for ritual purposes. The thinking is that it can be used for regeneration of life since they are source of life (biologically). Some people think that they can have their bad luck gone by using semen. I am sure that explains all this we have been witnessing (men being forced).

Not that this makes what the women did any less horrifying or completely wrong, but hey, at least there's an explanation. It's still mind-boggling, because how on earth could anyone think they'd be able to rid themselves of bad luck by committing these acts? But clearly, there was something going on here -- with these women's beliefs and/or mental health -- that we just can't understand. Motive aside, these women obviously need to know what they did was totally abhorrent and should face serious punishment. The same as anyone else who had committed these crimes, male or female. Hopefully they will be brought to justice, which might bring their victims at least some peace of mind.

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Oh GREAT this is where our fearless leader is from! ROFL Please dont sell donkeys to the enemy ROFL....

Yeah have your freaking little African wars and sell all the donkeys ya want... Because when the South African mercenaries have to come THIS is how WE roll...


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rofl san antonio girl! ROFL OMG What a shitty story LOL

The question is - while he was in custody - did the other inmates teach him to "eat da poo poo" ROFL

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This guy liked to swim with and ride his pet hippo, until it killed him. I wonder if he tried to do something else with it. The video highlights what a moron he was. Cool accent though :D

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ROFL Yep thats the Boer accent. What a fucking moron LOL Chars dad has had hippos on the ramch but nobody RODE THEM or made friends with them LOL Her family recognizes the wild animals are wild and dangerous. (Besides they arent very huntable if they are named Humphrey and let you hand feed them LOL)

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South Africa UFO Convention Theory: ETs Raid Earth For Gold

"We have scientific evidence that there was physical life before humans which were African knowledge keepers and custodians of secret knowledge."

M,kay. Read it here.

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