Welcome to The Troll Den

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Are you opinionated and outspoken? Do some people consider you obnoxious? Do other people think you are a complete asshole? Have you been called "a troll" on other message boards? If so you you have come to the right place...

The Troll Den was created as a home for wayward trolls! A place where people believe that adults should be able to speak freely, and people with thin skin should either man up and grow a pair, or get the frack out!

We are pretty light on rules here... Don't do anything illegal! Don't do anything that pisses me off! If someone offends you remember where you are - and either offend them back or get the frack over it. Myself and Boermeissie are the moderators on this site. If you complain to us you will more likely than not be told to grow thicker skin... but you can try! You will probably be better served telling off whoever pissed you off.

Welcome to "The Internet Uncut" ... Be yourself, and have fun!





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